Google Translate adds 110 new languages in huge update

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Google Translate adds a whopping 110 new languages, including Philippine dialects Bikol, Hiligaynon, Kapampangan, Pangasinan, and Waray. This expansion is powered by Google’s advanced PaLM 2 AI model, which empowers over 660 million people globally to access information and connect with others in their native tongue.

This update brings the total number of supported languages to 133, empowering over 660 million people with access to information and connection in their native tongue.

Aside from the new local dialects, globally spoken languages like Cantonese, Punjabi (Shahmukhi dialect), and the Papua New Guinean creole Tok Pisin, have also been added.

The update also incorporates lesser-known languages as well. Afar and NKo, spoken in parts of Africa, were significantly bolstered by contributions from the volunteer community. Additionally, revitalization efforts for endangered languages received a boost with the inclusion of Manx, a Celtic language experiencing a revival.

This expansion marks a giant leap towards Google’s ambitious 1,000 Languages Initiative. A significant portion (25%) of the new additions hail from Africa, making Google Translate the current leader in offering the most African languages.

Notably, Google prioritized commonly used forms within languages, for instance, Southern Vlax Romani, while incorporating elements from other dialects to ensure a comprehensive experience.

The company’s ongoing partnerships with linguists and native speakers guarantee continuous improvement of translation accuracy.

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