1. NBaranda

    Btw, my 3 year old Huawei Ideos U-8150 (523MHz) is still working perfectly. I dropped it several times but it’s still ticking.

  2. NBaranda

    I just bought my Quad XL a week ago and I agree with your review especially the observation on the battery life. The 2600 mAh battery was just as long as my previous phone’s 1700 mAh battery. Not complaining though since I bought the brand new Quad XL for only P7,700.

  3. buzz

    Being the world’s second largest producer of network equipment Huawei has financial muscle. Only thing is can they translate their brand to phone sales?! I doubt it. I haven’t seen one displayed on Malls. =(

  4. sparka

    Naaah…Huawei phones has reliability issues. If only they have product centers like Cherry Mobile, the buying public will probably try out their products. Plus for good specs. Strong build. But if you ask me for that price point I’d go for Iphone, Nokia Lumia or Sony Xperia.

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