1. Eric Jay Jaleco Palomar

    what a day in nbi. I asked this afternoon one pers0nnel of nbi iloilo if what will be the process if i’ll apply thru the new and the highly praised, high tech NBI E-Clearance, what i got as a reply? They said it will be useless as it will exceed the daily qouta if they’ll cater the online applicati0ns and if you’ll process onsite (which anyway, you’ve got no choice) youl’ll fill up on the form with the date that will serve as your schedule to process and it takes around 31 days. If thats the case haven’t the nbi foreseen possible problems with their “PA-ASA” online application, it seems unplanned. High Tech? BS!!

  2. Enzo

    Yeah, you can apply thru online but you need to go any branch of the NBI satellite’s and need to go in the morning to get a number for processing.

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