OS X Lion Ultimatum Brings Desktop Functionality to iPhone and iPod Touch

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There’s a new reason to jailbreak your Apple device.   For jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch devices, there’s a theme called OS X Lion Ultimatum that brings the desktop functionality of Mac OS X Lion to these handheld devices.

Lion Ultimatum is a beta project theme for the Dreamboard software, which also needs to be installed on the device for the theme to function.  The way Lion Ultimatum works on the iPhone is quite impressive.  The developer was able to bring desktop features of the OS X Lion to the Lion Ultimatum like a functional file manager and Finder menus, a scrollable dock, draggable windows, Stacks, Launchpad, Mission Control and Dashboard.  There’s also get a customizable lock screen that let’s you access the dialer, email and messages.

ColorKeyboard is integrated into the theme, making it possible to modify the keyboard on the Lion Ultimatum to resemble that of a MacBook Pro or the traditional Apple Keyboard.  Watch this video to see how OS X Lion Ultimatum looks on an iPhone.


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