Is Online Opinion Correct? Did Marquez Win the Fight Against Pacquiao?

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Photo by Harry How/Getty Images


Manny Pacquiao promised a definitive ending to the trilogy.  In the end, Pacquiao vs Marquez III only created more doubts than answers.

Manny Pacquiao clearly had a tough time against Juan Manuel Marquez in their third bout and the outcome was a surprise to some and the right one to others.  Like their precious two fights, Pacquiao-Marquez III was tightly contested, and while Marquez was knocked down in the two previous fights, justifying the draw and the win by Pacquiao, there was no knockdown in the third fight, making the “Pacquiao won” argument harder to prove this time.

Online write-ups are varied on the issue.  Some say Marquez won the fight, being the one who threw solid and more telling blows, while others say that Pacquiao edged Marquez.  On Twitter alone, it appears that more people believe that Marquez won.

However, was Marquez really robbed of a win as many believe?  Boxing is scored per round by the judges and is really very subjective.  Judges may have a different view of judging a fight but in the end it is them who have the final say.  In Pacquiao-Marquez III, Marquez may have given the impression that he was the more effective boxer but the judges were not wrong to have given the fight to Pacquiao.

If statistics is used as the basis of scoring the fight, Pacquiao had a clear edge over Marquez.  Manny Pacquiao, according to CompuBox stats, threw 578 shots and landed 176, while Marquez threw 436 and landed only 138.   Maybe judges favored the fighter who landed more punches, not the one who landed the harder ones.

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  1. “If that was the case, then JMM would have won the previous fights with
    pacquiao due to having landed more punches according to compubox.”

    That is incorrect. Pacquiao scored knockdowns in the previous two fights (the first fight had him knocking down Marquez 3 times in the same round!). These knockdowns are what sealed him the victory against Marquez even though he landed less punches according to the compubox.

  2. Compubox stats are just as subjective as the judges opinion because they are scored by two individuals who interpret what they believe are power shots or not. A punch that just grazes could be interpreted as a punch and if it is not a jab, it will be classified as a power punch. So compubox are not a reliable method to judge who won a fight. If that was the case, then JMM would have won the previous fights with pacquiao due to having landed more punches according to compubox.

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