Samsung Galaxy S III to Get Quad-Core Exynos 4412 CPU?


The Samsung Galaxy S III could be announced next year but its specs and features are still a mystery.  But one detail that will most likely be true among current rumors is the phone’s processor.

It is believed that Samsung will be using its own Exynos processor and the rumor is strong that the choice will be of the quad-core kind.  It is most likely that the processor that will be in charge of taking the computing burden for the Samsung Galaxy S III is the new Exynos 4412, which is 32nm quad-core design with ARM Cortex-A9 cores running at speeds up to 1.5 GHz.   Samsung is already testing the new processor according to some sources.

The Samsung Galaxy S II with a dual-core CPU is already fast.  Imagine how fast the Samsung Galaxy S III will be if it had a quad-core CPU.

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    • that will be the case. but if samsung will choose quad-core for the SGSIII, they will surely pair it with a higher specced battery

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