Meizu MX Dual-Core Android Phone Unveiled


We have seen Meizu handsets in the past and some of them obviously “borrowed” from the iPhone’s looks.  The similarity between Meizu’s phones and the iPhone wasn’t only skin-deep – their OS also looked similar to the iOS.

Now Meizu is at it again.  The Chinese company just unveiled the full specs and features of its newest handset, the Meizu MX.  It is an Android handset but based on its looks, it badly wants to be an iPhone, an iPhone 4 to be exact.

The Meizu MX wants to prove that it’s not just any iPhone wannabe as it is a quite powerful phone by its own right.  The 10.3mm thick phone runs on a 1.4GHz Samsung Exynos 4210 dual-core chip and has 1GB RAM and 16GB storage.  It also features a nice 4-inch 960×640 ASV display and an 8 megapixel f/2.2 backside-illuminated camera capable of shooting 1080p 30fps videos.  The rest of the specs include a 0.3 megapixel front-facing camera, 1,600mAh battery and micro-USB port.   It also packs a pentaband 3G with HSPA+ and supports FLAC audio and several video formats like MKV, MP4 and AVI

The OS still tries to be an iOS, although it’s not as blatant as in previous Meizu handsets.  The Meizu MX runs on a heavily customized Android 2.3.5 but it will get Ice Cream Sandwich in the future.

The Meizu M8 will be available in January 2012 in China and Hong Kong for $470.  The date for international release is still unknown at this point.

Meizu MX Specifications

  • 1.4GHz Samsung Exynos 4210 dual core chip
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB storage (32GB version in the future)
  • Android 2.3.5 (ICS update in the future)
  • 4-inch 960 x 640 ASV display
  • 8 megapixel f/2.2 backside-illuminated camera
  •     (with smile detection and panorama shots)
  • 1080p 30fps HD video
  • 0.3 megapixel front-facing camera
  • 1,600mAh battery
  • micro-USB port
  • pentaband 3G with HSPA+ is one of the most active tech sites in the Philippines. We enjoy sharing interesting and relevant stories about the latest trends in technology, developments in mobile phones and social media, and modern digital and geek culture.


  1. ryan_n_nsa_sg Reply

    Fine with me reading this article, alam naman natin na medyo delayed ang dating sa tin ng mga latest gadgets. So it helps a lot when local tech blogs feature them. And I’d rather read TECHNOBABOY and other local tech blogs than edgadget, I don’t know but maybe it’s just me :) …
    But in fairness to Babayblue, I also get more interested reading reviews of local or readily available gadgets in our country. Like Cherry mobile, makita mo pa lang ang low price nila e gaganahan ka na basahin…..But it doesn’t mean I don’t like reviews such as this Meizu MX, ang gara kaya ng itsura at specs!!!!!!!!!! lol……

  2. I think local news is greatly appreciated besides we can read engadget too. Like reviews for Asha line up, CM phones and tablets. Yung afford and may chance na mabili namin.

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