Wi-Tribe’s Tri-Speed 4G Stick Lets You Switch Speeds


I have to admit this is the first time I heard of a company offering an internet stick that features three different maximum speeds.  I know this is easily done through software but no company has offered this kind of product yet, so this makes Wi-Tribe an innovator in the Philippines, so to speak.

Wi-Tribe has been around for quite some time now but it appears that hasn’t quite achieved much in terms of user base.  This could be attributed to lack of marketing or lack of services that would differentiate the company from the big players.  Wi-Tribe markets itself as 4G internet provider but if feedback from customers is any indication, the service isn’t quite good as the company’s claims.

In any case, a product like a Tri-Speed 4G internet stick is something that could make people give Wi-Tribe a second look, but any momentum can easily be stalled by poor service.  The tri-speed stick could make Wi-Tribe relevant but I believe other companies will simply take a look how viable the product is and possibly try to offer something similar.

Let’s take a closer look at Wi-Tribe’s Tri-Speed Pure 4G stick.   What this product offers is the ability to run at three different maximum speeds, depending of course on the package availed of.  Wi-Tribe’s stick allows you to easily switch from 512kbps to 2mbps, and even up to 6mbps speeds, under certain packages or schemes.

The Wi-Tribe Tri-Speed 4G stick is available only prepaid.  You get the Tri-Speed stick free free for an initial load of P995 which you can use for 30 days at 2mbps. After one month, you can shift to a higher or lower speed depending on the speed you actually need.  For speed choices, here are the available options, with cost and duration varying for every speed.

Unlimited 512kbps Unlimited 2mbps Unlimited 6mbps
15 days Php 220 Php 550 Php 1,600
7 days Php 130 Php 275 Php 900
1 day Php 25 Php 45 Php 145


The pricing are almost the same as those offered by Smart Communications and Globe Telecom.  If you compute the cost based on the duration of connection, you’ll arrive at almost the same amount.  So based on pricing, Wi-Tribe’s new 4G stick isn’t really a more attractive option.

What makes Wi-Tribe’s Tri-Speed 4G stick attractive, though, is the flexibility of switching speeds.  This is a good idea, honestly, as most users find out the speed they need only after they have already purchased their prepaid internet stick.  So in this respect, Wi-Tribe’s Tri-Speed stick offers users something practical, something really useful.

But the big question here of course is the internet service.  I won’t pretend to know how Wi-Tribe’s service is, not having been able to try any of their products.  However, I have read comments from Wi-Tribe users saying that the service isn’t good.  If you have tried Wi-Tribe before, please share your experience in the comments section below.

To reload the Wi-Tribe Tri-Speed Pure 4G Stick, you need to go to select 7-Eleven outlets or any of these Wi-Tribe shops:

  • Makati – Ayala Ave cor Salcedo St., Makati City
  • Santana Grove – Dr. A. Santos Ave. (Sucat Road), Paranaque City
  • Eastwood Cybermall – E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C‐5), Quezon City
  • Shangri‐La – EDSA cor Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
  • Binondo – Quintin Paredes St., Binondo, Manila
  • Alabang – Alabang Zapote Road cor Madrigal Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa City
  • Commonwealth – Atrium, Diliman Commercial Center, Commonwealth Ave., Quezon City

Now this is another thing that can keep people from getting this product.  Reloading doesn’t seem to be easy since it can only be done by going to “select” 7-Eleven outlets Wi-Tribe shops.  If you live nowhere near these establishments, it wouldn’t seem wise to get a Tri-Band stick. is one of the most active tech sites in the Philippines. We enjoy sharing interesting and relevant stories about the latest trends in technology, developments in mobile phones and social media, and modern digital and geek culture.


  1. i actually plan to purchase this product because of the choices of speed they offered and for me this is really cool, but i have a doubt about the consistency and speed of its connection. i really don’t know if ywork is telling the truth especially by promoting the service that provides by this product.. i have lost my interest in the performance of globe, smart and sun not because i heard a lot of disgusting comments but i also tried them already.. this is why i am constantly searching for the comments for those that uses this product…

  2. been a long time user of wi-tribe.  both postpaid and prepaid.  Their prepaid service is surprisingly very good.  I regularly reload the 512kbps every 15 days and I get consistent speeds.  sobrang sulit kesa sa ibang prepaid. sa globe or smart, P200 will only last you 1 to 2 days of inconsistent speeds.  if you subscribe to their unli promos, I heard that they assign you to a group where the speeds are slower because all of the promo availers are all in that group.  there are times I only get 20kbps to 50kbps with globe or smart prepaid.  With wi-tribe’s prepaid stick, consistent ang speeds everytime I log on.  I give wi-tribe prepaid two thumbs up.  As for the postpaid service, one thumb up lang hehe.  

  3. had to try four 7-eleven stores…..baka me list sila saang 7-eleven stores…tas yung iba 7 eleven, parang ala talaga alam…parang gulat pa na ngayon lang narinig yug wi-tribe e me poster cla sa counter…..kainis…kung pwede lang online na lang e…

  4. sana sabihin din ng mga nagcomments kung saang area sila para at least malaman kung saang areas may malakas or mahinang signal.

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