It’s not only Jinkee Pacquiao who’s getting attention because of a magazine cover.   Charice Pempengco is also getting noticed because of her photo on the cover of Preview Magazine’s January-February 2012 issue.

Netizens are a critical lot.  When the cover of the latest Preview issue appeared online, a lot of Filipinos were surprised at how she looked on the cover, and most were in disbelief at how Charice managed to look, well, “slimmer” on the cover.   Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter were flooded with comments about the Preview cover.  Some say the photo was manipulated on Photoshop to make her face look thinner, but the “behind the scenes” video also showed her with a noticeably thinner face, so it could be argued that her make-up made the difference, or the fact that her hair covers parts of her face made her face appear thinner.  Whatever the truth is, only the people behind Preview can really say if the cover is manipulated or not.

See the magazine cover and the behind the scenes video below and judge for yourselves.


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  1. lil' peacemaker Reply

    for me, i think that’s not REALLY charise and I think its edited… we’re on the new generation and that’s how technology works…

  2. Bobby_hunk08 Reply

    charice boring ang cover picture mo…nasa tama edad ka na..magpakita ka na ng flesh..uso nmn yan sa America..yummy ka nmn, sarap hanggang bata pa..need mo legs and cleavage sana

  3. Mszanna Baylon Reply

    galingan mo hanga ako sayo dahil sa tapang mo sa mga pagsubok at nakarating ka ngayon kung nasan kangayon sana ako rin!!!!

  4. chrizelle garcia Reply

    I’m not against Charice having a comment is not bad just being honest. :) 

  5. chrizelle garcia Reply

    there’s nothing wrong saying the truth and have a comment. its not a bad comment either people are just saying what they see if you will not put her name you will not noticed that she is Charice the make up artist is really good I can’t even noticed her.if you will not put a name on the magazine 

    • Jayson_padjie Reply

      how about you? do you think people will notice you unless you have no make up? wow…. there’s no doubt you can never be what charice is achieving right now. she’s on the top while you are ten thousand deep below sea level….hehe sorry for the comment….i don’t like either charice but the way she humbles herself is what matters most….thanks

  6. amazing malaki na talaga ang improvement ng make up ngyn, nababago at napapaganda lalo ang itsura ng tao, hugis ng mata, ilong at kung ano ano pa kahit walang photoshop kering keri lang kaya believe or not si charice yan :) 

  7. bakit ang mga outfit ni charisse hindi maxad compatible sa edad nya.. she looks older.. ala naba kau iba mapasout sa kanya..! glamorous nga mga outfit nya kaya lng may probs tlaga sa iban sout nya..

  8. mas like ko e2 kesa kay jinkee.. pero prang hindi c charisse..ahahah sna gnyan na tlaga muka ni charis naging V ang panga..ahahah

  9. Camille Sanchez Santos Reply

    ndi nman si charice.. janelle manahan kw b yan mas look a like!!! 
    anu say nyo?

  10. imhiswife♥R A E C O Reply

    ndala ng make up at hairstyle.. hairtsyle really minimize the side of her big face ^^.. i do have big face and that hairstyle really works for me :]

  11. photoshop—ung pimple lang haha! that’s the magic of make up and the hair style… 

  12. Rodry Marinez Reply

    Kung fake ano yang video nayan mga uluz ang pag iisip kya d umuunlad pilipinas dahil sa mga taong makitid ang paiisip hayz…

  13. Valerie Jean Tagalogon Reply

    it is still charice with the make up that fits her. love the look.

  14. I will surely get a copy of charice preview magzine cover..she looks like a Barbie!! I love you Charice!

  15. Arjay Gutierrez Reply

    its not manipulated….. not fake…. mga inggetera lng sila….

  16. Life Unexpected by BigHotMomma Reply

    doesn’t matter if it’s manipulated or not.. what matter is that she’s one of our country’s pride. :)

    Happy new Year!

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