Torque recently came out with a slew of Android tablets and handsets.  Among the new tablets launched by the local company is the Torque Droidz View, a 7-inch Android tablet priced at only P3,890.  This is a very attractive price and it competes directly with Cherry Mobile’s Cherry Pad tablet.  Read on to find out if the Droidz View is worth spending your money on.

Torque Droidz View Specifications

  • 7-inch display with 2-point touch
  • Non-capacitive
  • 800 MHz CPU + 400MHz DSP
  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Gravity Sensor
  • 2GB internal storage
  • Expandable up to 32GB via microSD
  • VGA front camera
  • Access to Android Market

Hardware and Design

For the price of P3899, don’t expect anything spectacular from the Droidz View in terms of hardware and design.

What you get from the box are the tablet, charger, headphones, and the adaptor for USB and LAN connection.

The Torque Droidz View is not thin by any means.  The tablet is quite thick at the back with a very noticeable bulge towards the middle.  It is also made of plastic, and even the bezel around the screen, although glossy, is undeniably plastic in construction.  The overall build doesn’t feel solid and you get the impression that the tablet will not be able to handle serious drops.

In terms of peripherals, the Droidz View has quite a lot to offer.  At the bottom you see the charging port, the headphones slot, the slot for the USB and LAN adaptor, and a microSD slot.  At the top is the power button and on the right side are the Menu button and the volume rocker.  On the front of the device you see only one physical button, which is the Home/Back button.


The screen of the Droidz View is resistive with a “2-point touch” feature.  It has a decent resolution and it looks quite sharp enough for the price.  The colors are decent enough, although they aren’t too vibrant.  The display has poor viewing angles, though, so expect to use this tablet at 90 degrees most of the time.


What defines the Torque Droidz View in terms of performance is the capacitive screen.  I can’t help but get frustrated at the tablet’s 7-inch resistive screen.  It’s simply not responsive enough and it takes a few swipes or taps at times before you get the response that you want.  And for a tablet, the responsiveness of the screen is crucial since it is the way you operate the device.  If this is not done right, the whole experience suffers, even if in terms of a actual processing performance the device is quite capable.

The Torque Droidz View’s 800MHz processor is actually quite nice.  It give’s you decent processing speed but it’s not reflected in the UI because of the resisitive screen’s non-responsiveness.  But when you play video or games, you feel the tablet’s power somehow and it’s really sad how the screen kills the experience.

What the tablet is good at is in multimedia playback.  It delivers good audio quality when you use headphones and it’s also good with playing videos.  But considering the screen’s poor viewing angles, you need to have the display at 90 degrees angle to get the best from the screen, otherwise, the colors will start to fade.

As to software, Droidz View runs Android 2.2 Froyo, a quite outdated OS by today’s standards but it’s still usable and easy to operate.  There’s no word from Torque if the OS will get an update in the future.  The UI on the tablet has a few enhancements like the side bar, or bottom bar depending on the tablet’s orientation.  This bar contains shortcuts to the most important apps and also the shortcut to the app drawer.  The Menu button on the side also brings up a Menu page with shortcuts to some pre-chosen apps.  Overall, the UI is quite intuitive, but again, this would have been good had it not been for the poor responsiveness of the touch screen.


It is quite hard to judge the Torque Droidz View since for the price of P3,899, the tablet has quite a lot of features to offer.  But for a tablet, it’s very important that the screen is at least responsive since tapping and swiping are the only actions you basically do to operate the device.  On the Droidz View, the resistive screen is sadly quite frustrating to operate.  It’s not responsive and it simply kills the user experience.

The tablet is also poorly made, with the materials obviously made of cheap plastic.  This is quite understandable I guess considering the price of the Droidz View.  If there’s any redeeming quality the Droidz View has, it’s in playing multimedia.  The tablet delivers good sound and watching videos is actually a god experience on the Droidz View.

If you can get past the Droidz View’s non-responsive display, you may consider buying the tablet since it’s one of the cheapest tablets today.  If you have the extra thousands to spare, though, you might want to consider the Torque Droidz Flash instead, which already has a capacitive multi-touch screen and a 1.2GHz processor.  The Droidz Flash will at least give you the complete tablet experience.


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  1. Evelyn Reyes Reply

    PS: ‘Yung hotline number ng torque na 515-8888, wow talagang magho-hot ka sa kakadial, howcome pinopost niyo ang hotline number niyo na pag tinawagan naman sinasabi “the number you dialed does not exist”? Wanna try?????????

  2. daren m. cantillo Reply

    sna po matalo pa ntin ang cp sa ibang sna po maging sikat e2 sa pilipinas at sa ibang bansa

  3. may nkita nku nito sa sm naga city here in bicol province but im not sure if meron p rin till now.. i just want to know sna qng meron p rin cuz am very interested about this gadget..

  4. Reg Mendoza Reply

    answer me .. may back camera po ba ito? and can i download temple run in this tablet?

  5. Reg Mendoza Reply

    May back camera po ba ito? pwede bang mag download ng temple run?

  6. Mcnario0915 Reply

    magkakaroon na din daw sila ng tablet na celfone na din within this week…

  7. mganda b ung performance nung droid Flash give me some advise namn want ko sna bumili but i want to know muna if mganda nga sya s mga meron n pls update me thx

  8. Lordericsonpermejo Reply

    i think, this is one of a kind experience.since the inventor of this gadget is a filipino, from de la salle university..ECE…wat do you think?

  9. Lordericsonpermejo Reply

    i think, this is one of a kind experience.since the inventor of this gadget is a filipino, from de la salle university..ECE…wat do you think?

    • Tangina_puta29 Reply

      meron aq brand new ganun padin price .. txt mq .. eto number q09351947824

  10. Orevon_christianjay Reply

    sa sm rosario puh bah may ganitong torque droidz? 09291505659 just text me!!

  11. Cheilamay_z Reply

    pag may pera nko bibili rin ako ng torque tablet kaysa mamahalin pa mukha naman sigurong matibay gawa ng torque.

  12. Cheilamay_z Reply

    meron po bang 3,000 plus na tablet.matibay naman po b un?pwede din po bang gamitin sa pag tawag un at pantxt.?

  13. ako din bibili ako nyan i think solid pa yan kay sa iba .. sulit pa 

  14. Florencio Filomeno Reply

    ..may higher version po ba ang torque tablet now? or is the 2.2 version nyo po ba bumaba na ang price? kasi po may may 3K plus lang higher version pa,pero dahil captivated ako ng galing ng Pinoy…at pde tayo makipagsabayan sa qualidad ng mga banyaga e sige let  us promote it. Hopefully mr. Christopher Uyco maging competitve din ang Torque innovation. am Planning to buy tablet kasi at Torque yong nakita ko sa internet when am searching.

  15. ..may higher version po ba ang torque tablet now? or is the 2.2 versin nyo po ba buamaba na ang price? kasi po may may 3K plus lang higher version pa,pero dahil captivated ako ng galing pala ng Pinoy…at pde tayo makipagsabaayn sa qualidad ng mga banyaga e sige let  us promote it. Hopefully mr. Christopher Uyco maging competitve din ang Torque innovation. Planning buy tablet kasi at Torque yong nakita ko sa net.

    • Evelyn Reyes Reply

      Wow, awesome ba talaga? I bought a Torque Droidz Race tablet just before Holy week of 2013, wow after 1 week, nagloloko na ‘yung charging niya. Kailangang adjust mo ‘yung charging pin para mag-charge siya. tapos after 3 days ayun lumubog na ‘yung charging pin niya, so ayaw na niyang mag-charge. Binalik ko sa pinagbilhan ko, nirefer ako sa authorized service center niya. May binigay din siyang other option for charging, ‘yung bilog na charger parang sa cellphone, gumana naman pero tumagal lang din ng 3-5 days, same charging problem na naman. Dinala ko sa authorized service center nila sa Ali-mall 2 to 3 weeks daw ang repair, may binigay silang contact numbers para mag-follow-up. Everytime na tumawag ako sa contact cellphone na binigay nila, hindi nila sinasagot. Tapos mag tetext sila using other network number, kesho sira daw ang earpiece ng cellphone nila i-text ko na lang daw. So tinext ko naman, OMG, para akong nakikipag text sa isang 1st grader, sorry to use the word “illiterate”. Anong klaseng Authorized Service Center ang kinukuha ng Torque!!!

  16. Pernelle Mae Baculio Reply

    yeah i was newly bought this from gaisano and it was really really
    affordable i really love it ♥♥♥..thanks to the Filipino who invented

  17. Pernelle Mae Baculio Reply

    yeah i was newly bought this from gaisano and it was really really affordable i really love it ♥♥♥..thanks to the Filipino who invented this.

  18. MID,OS android 4.0,USB adapter,wifi ready,fast browsing,easy to download android apps,Sensitive touch screen.Very affordable tablet!

    •  di mn tugma ang advertisement mo sa specs na sinabi mo….non-responsive mn dw yun screen….

  19. ok ba tlaga ito… kasi gusto ko bilhan si yaya,….. plsss… advice naman jan…asap

  20. Maricel Balin Reply

    may roon poh bah dito sa dagupan pangasinan na outlet nmn makabili na in…hintay koh reply..:)

  21. Sovetsky soyuza Reply

    mahirap ipaayos tatagal pa. sa akin nga ay ilang linggo na hindi pa nagtetext sa akin

  22. Bajentingkeven Reply

    ano ba voltage ng charger para sa droidz view? available na ba yan sa mga torque outlets? nawala kasi charger ko.. pls answer me asap. tnx. i need it talaga.

  23. Benjamincruz Reply

    parehas naman maganda ang cherry pad at touqe kaso lng hindi sure kung matibay

  24. Ronaldosantiago Reply

    ano bang magandang bilhin ko cherry pad o torque pad give an advice pls.

    •  sa torque flash nalng kaya q,,dameng comment na sirain sa cherry turbo….hirap naman mamili..

      •  yup nakabuy ako ng cherry pad sa sm mega,, isinole ko after 2 day,, hindi makapagdown load.. ayaw nmn ireturn pera ko,, kasi nga me process pang pagdadaanan,, pinapalitan ko na lng ng CP… hay.. sayang ang P4k ko

  25. Biohazard715 Reply

    is it possible to use globe tattoo on this device? if yes, instructions please. Thanks.

  26. Escobalmarkjoseff Reply

    bkit nde pde ang broadband po sa torque droidz view even we know na meon po xeang 3g setting?…sir do u have any solution aside on using wifi to connect on the internet?..tnx..

      • mahirap talga mag pa dalos dalos ako din nabighani ako sa apad aun di ko naman maiconect gamit ung smartbro cable ko 

  27. hi! just want to ask you. i have a cherrypad with the same specs as this one but i cannot install kakaotalk. can this tablet run or install the said program? my sister’s phone runs on 2.2 but she can run kakao. if this tablet can run the program, im buying one. if you have an answer why my cherry can’t run the program and you have a solution, i’ll be very grateful. thank you very much sir.

  28. Hallmarkjardinel Reply

    @henry-wala po xang sim slot..maganda dito ang browsing,games and playing movies…gamit ko xa far maganda nam xa!!!

  29. USB 3G Viettel Reply

    I am really glad I read this article! With this it has really helped me with my decision.

  30. M009F (APAD ANDROID 2.3 / 2,600pesos) Specifications
    7-inch display with 2-point touchNon-capacitive (very responsive)1000 MHz CPU (YES 1GHz+ 400MHz DSPAndroid 2.3.3(GINGERBREAD)Wi-FiGravity Sensor2/4GB internal storageExpandable up to 32GB via microSDVGA front cameraAccess to Android MarketCAN PLAY ANGRY BIRDS (ALL VERSION) FRUIT NINJA, RAGING THUNDER AND MORE!!!! 

  31. droid view at cherry pad sam lang sila ng specs much better kung bili ka ng unbranded china tablet or yung bago ngayon sa sulit apad 2.3 (gingerbread os) mabilis ang respose ng TS, price nya 2600 sa 168 mall, bet na tong droidz cannot play angry birds, malamang log, apad 2.3 walang log kahit anong game (fruit ninja)

  32. Edsar Adriano Bondoc Reply

    Hi techno… sana po makapag review kayo ng Ainol Novo 7 Paladin.

    • Jackhenrygonzaga Reply

      pwd ba mag install ng online games sa droidz flash like point blank????

      • teacher jay Reply

        I bought driodz view 2 months ago. Now there’s a problem with the sd card slot.

        • teacher jay Reply

          and not all android applications are compatible to this tablet

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