Chief Justice Corona’s Impeachment Trial Hot on Twitter, Facebook

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Chief Justice Renato Corona’s impeachment trial starts today.  As expected, it is already a hot topic on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  The topic #CJonTrial is in fact already trending on Twitter and could replace #GoldenGlobes as the number one trending topic anytime soon.

The impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona is a historic event since he could be the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to be removed from his post if the Senate votes so.   It’s therefore expected for Filipinos to air their opinions on the matter.

At the impeachment trial, the members of the Senate will sit as judges to determine whether Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona should be removed from his post.  The Constitution requires the vote of two-thirds of the senators, 16 in this instance, for Corona to be removed from his post.

Amidst calls for resignation, Chief Justice Corona says only death can remove him from his post.

Let’s see what some of the people on Twitter are saying about the issue.

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  1. Angel_inheaven10 Reply

    I am gald to see that against the sharp mind , intelligence and quick wit of Justice Serafin Cuevas, it seems to me that  the prosecutors look …… well…… i am trying to find a less demeaning word for it, ah yes, the prosecutors on my opinion  look like  dolts. in my opinion,   this reflects what kind of case this  impeachment case is, it may appear to be a  STUPID case.    . . . .  waste of tax payer’s money.
    it is possible that they may only want FREE MEDIA COVERAGE, para MALIBRE SA CAMPAIGN COZ MALAPIT NA ELECTION?
    Voters, isip isip………….       WAG IBOTO ANG MGA WALANG  ISIP!

  2. Angel_inheaven10 Reply

    I would like to suggest to former Justice Cuevas, to consider a property as owned and must be included in the SALN once the buyer starts paying for the yearly real estate tax based on the tax declaration.
    Once the buyer starts paying the real estate tax, whether there was a formal written acceptance or not, this is an indication that the buyer acknowledges owneship of said property.
    On the other hand, once the seller relinquishes to the buyer the obligation of paying the real estate tax, that means that he acknowledges the transfer of ownership. 

  3. Angel_inheaven10 Reply

    all the evidences presented by the prosecutors can not hold water in court. they are all immaterial, intentionally incomplete to mislead the less intelligent to arrived at the WRONG conclusions. So far the prosecutors have only shown their lack of preparation, lack of intelligence, lack of integrity and definitely lack of honesty. 
     Can you imagine a congressman DENYING in live tv that it was him and his nit wit group who released to the media the lies of the 45, take note, 45 properties of CJ Corona?
    But now, they can only present 21 properties, and mind you, five of that are only parking areas, for heaven’s sake! Parking area? Is it such a big deal? They are wasting time in the hearing to discuss parking area??!!! Come on! Move on! parking area?  Are you kidding us tax payers?

    Then of the 16 actual REAL real estate properties, only 6 are in the name of the couple while the rest are in the names of other family members.  So what? for all we know these children had trusts funds set up for them for the last 20 years!

  4. CJ Corona should not just succumb to the whims and caprices of those who would want to oust him from Office.  He should not yield without giving a fight.  The accusations against him are baseless coming only from reports and mere “haka-haka” only.  Chief Justice is a victim of vengeance and became a scape goat of this government’s inability to realize their promises of  economic prosperity  to our country.  

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