Samsung Galaxy Note II to Launch in October?


The Samsung Galaxy Note is one solid device.  It’s belongs in a unique category practically created by Samsung. This “phablet” is a popular product from Samsung, so it’s expected that the Korean handset maker will launch a follow-up device.

Rumors now say that the second version of the Galaxy Note, now labelled as the Samsung Galaxy Note II, will be launching in October, right after Apple launches the iPhone 5.  It’s not a direct competitor to the iPhone 5 considering the screen size but it has been positioned by Samsung as an alternative to Apple’s phone.  This is very clear from Samsung’s ads for the Galaxy Note.

MK Business News, a Korean news outfit, reported the rumoured launch of the Galaxy Note II.  It revealed a few details, though until Samsung verifies these rumors, let’s take them with a grain of salt.  The Samsung Galaxy Note II is said to feature an unbreakable plane display (UBP).  This is not Gorilla Glass-type of display but one of those arising from flexible display technology.  The phablet will sport a thinner design and will reportedly run on a quad-core processor.  Other rumoured specs include a 12 megapixel camera an improved battery life, and a more solid casing.

If you think the current Samsung Galaxy Note is huge, the successor will be bigger according to rumors.  It will reportedly have a larger display.  Yes, larger than the 5.3-inch display on the current Note.  It will also run Android Jelly Bean, the next version of the OS after Ice Cream Sandwich.

Of course, October is still months away and things will probably change.  But if the current Samsung Galaxy S III is used as basis for the upcoming Galaxy Note, I’m pretty sure we will be getting a much improved device.

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