Galleon.PH is a new local e-commerce website that offers a new online shopping experience.  The website only showcases products that are not available in the Philippines, making it different from the usual online stores.  All products are sourced directly from US suppliers and shipped to your address.

Have you seen exciting products on Pinterest but you know it’s not available in the Philippines? Chances are, it is available on Galleon.PH. Try to visit the site and you’ll be amazed at the available products.  The site has a selection of unique and exciting items ranging from clothing, food, electronics, books and jewelry, among others.

If the product you want is in Galleon.PH’s database, you can buy it immediately using the ‘buy now‘ button.  If it’s not in the database, you just search for it using the search tool of the site and Galleon.PH will source the product and email you once the price has been provided.  This concept is a method of crowd-sourcing which allows users to discover and buy new products.

Galleon.PH capitalizes on the popularity of Facebook, that’s why it also calls the shopping experience on Galleon.PH “social shopping”.  Before you can buy anything or save an item to your collections, you are prompted to log on to Facebook.  You can also share your purchase on popular social networking sites like Twitter, Google + and Pinterest.

Deliveries on Galleon.PH take about 10 to 15 days if you are located in Metro Manila and about 15 to 20 days if you are located outside Metro Manila. Payments can be made using credit card, Gcash, Smart Money or bank deposit.


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  1. ano meaning ng Pack of 3? 3 items ba in one purchase meaning nun? just want to confirm..ang item po is MRM MSM Cream
    please reply po ASAP. thanks!

  2. @Jeff 
    ano meaning ng Pack of 3? 3 items ba in one purchase meaning nun? just want to confirm..ang item po is MRM MSM Cream
    please reply po ASAP. thanks!

  3. wat if i go directly to your you some stocks what i want to buy specially the motorola phonres

  4. Bunny cake Reply

    Fair Lang yung price , but my problem is that they told me that the shipping fee is already part of the price but may additional pa palang fee!! And then they added 220 because I ordered 2 things and then additional 350 for my location!! Ang normal price naman if LBC is 100 from Manila to my location , so in total the worth of the things I got was 791 and then it became 1,361!!! It really sucks that’s why my mom told me that next time I should order on eBay, etsy , or Amazon ….

  5. Super Thug Reply

    You’ll be saving a lot more if you just purchase from Amazon, have them delivered at a Johnny Air branch in the US, and then Johnny air will just send your package for pick up in a branch here.

  6. online buyer Reply

    honestly, they did have cool stuffs BUT those prices are higly UNREASONABLE. and they have other items that are SO exceptionally OVERPRICED (including common items) buyers have their own choice buying from them. but they have a choice of going for other options. as online market is so wide and it has so much to offer. but i find is so RIDICULOUS and so $$$ MINDED, as contradictory to what they’re saying. of course they’re a business. As an experienced buyer, GALLEON is not a fair deal to go. (well if they get sick or going to repent on something, they lower miraculously their prices on some items) 

    they also destroy or somehow disturbs online market of other products as well.. and since people are now being aware of this, maybe hinde na siguro. (joke time nga nakita namin samsung galaxy star over priced?!)
    honestly, you have a choice if you want to buy from them or not… but GALLEON.PH profile picture kinda disturbing, its like a smiling con man that you can’t help but to get irritated.haha

  7. NayumiNavarro Reply

    Hi can i go directly to your store and pick up my order?

  8. 01Friedman Reply

    Galleon is a load of BS. Ridiculous pricing that will have you end up paying > double the item’s cost. The other people who commented are correct. Most of these items are available from Amazon or eBay so it’s rather easy to compare prices. The service is really for people who are desperate or don’t know any of the workarounds like JAC,, etc. The simple fact is, services like this enjoy the economies of sale as far as shipping because they ship by volume, so there’s really no excuse to charge these exorbitant prices. 

    The best choice at the moment is still to ship to freight forwarders that provide you a US shipping address (e.g. JAC). The wait is definitely longer but at least you won’t be charged an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, this is the sad state when ordering overseas from the Philippines. In Singapore, the government postal system actually offers the same service (virtual US shipping address), and the service is impeccable and rates are reasonable. Dito sa pinas, the government exists para pahirapan ang tao imbis na padiliin ang buhay natin.

  9. cloverandpiggy Reply

    Over priced maxado..oa as in sobra..I have a supplier na sa din bumibili and mind u hindi ganyan kalaki kung tumubo..mas mabilis pa kesa sa 15 days nyo..omg..are u even a bir and dti registered company..zalora nga di ganyan.oa tlaga..sobra..kung one of a kind at ganyan presyo nyo bumawi sna kayo sa shipping..dapat mabilis..hindi lahat ngvtao mauuto nyo ..

  10. @Mimi Yes everything comes from the USA but some items are manufactured from China which means it gets delivered from China to USA then to Philippines via You can definitely ship items directly to you but you may experience some bumps along the road like surprise charges and fees. It really depends. We hope you can try our service one day. We won’t let you down.

  11. @anonymous I’m sorry you feel that way. We try to be fair and honest with our prices as much as possible. If there is a way you can get the item here or from another source at a cheaper rate then by all means do purchase there. What we offer is convenience and superb service. We even have a 1 day warranty in case your item is broken, incorrect or lacking. We hope you can try our service some day so we can change your view towards us.

  12. ErwinBriones I apologize for the delay in shipping your items last year. There are times that our shipments are offloaded because of volume of shipments within the same period. We only had 2 incidents that this happened last year. Although this is still our fault, the best we can do is inform customers such as yourself as early as possible. We hope that you can try our service again in the future.

  13. @Jeff I apologize if you feel that way. Do note though that we focus mainly on items not available locally. Our prices include shipping and custom fees which means the bigger the item, the more expensive it is

  14. @bryl Sorry for the late response just now. Was someone able to followup with you last year? Our customer service is now much better and faster because of the new tools we use.

  15. Sinasabi nila from US yung items nila and 10 to 15 business days ang ETA. So here’s the truth. Most of his items can be found in, free shipping galing China! OO! Galing China.. Trust me.. See if for yourself.. You just need the talent in searching in ebay.. Namimili ako mismo sa ebay kaya alam ko.. Shipping fee at customs fee.. Shipping fee, karamihan ng items nya pwede kong bilhin ng FREE SHIPPING via China post, then dadating na yun sa post office at magbabayad ako ng 50 pesos na customs fee at dumadating after 2 to 3 weeks, same lang sa kanya.. So kapag sinabi nila na mahal yung babayaran na customs fee, umasa ka maliit lang yun kasi the more na maliit ang item, the more madaling pakawalan sa post office.. Minsan nga mga mailman lang ang kumukuha nun at dinadala sa mga boss nila ng hindi bukas ang package.. AT! Pwedeng ipa under declare ang items! For example, ang bili mo talaga online is $20, pwede mo ipadeclare ng $2 lang, unless super common na sya na may idea na mga tiga customs magkano talaga ang worth nun.. PERO! May alam akong lugar, dadalhin pa ng mailman sa bahay nyo ang package, hindi nabubuksan! 50 pesos lang ang babayaran! Kaya sa mga pumapatol sa presyo nya, sasabihin ko na lang na they are after the convenience na lang siguro, o kaya sadyang wala silang alam sa SRP ng bagay na yun.. pero usapang presyo.. Grabe.. Tubong balde balde ng lugaw itong si kuya.. Sana bago kayo mag post ng presyo nyo, mag check muna kayo, at sana bago nyo sabihing wala sa Pilipinas ng item na yun, siguraduhin nyo muna.. Napapahiya kayo.. Maka presyo kayo sobra sobra pero makita kita ko sa tabi tabi.. Sa palengke.. O sa mga tyange magkano lang.. Isipin nyo rin nagiging image nyo galleon.. Baka sa halip na gumanda image nyo.. Mapahiya lang kayo sa huli..

  16. honestly, galleon. ph is an over priced store (most items are, even 400%!) and if you compare shipment time to int’l ordering, its thesame as waiting for galleon. i dont know why people keep on buying overpriced items. its their own choice but actually if youre a keen minded and smart spender, it would be nice to think twice before buying from them. fyi: suppliers they have also are also sellers from ebay. why not try banggood, aliexpress and buyincoinns r some stores like them. they, just abuse the “unvailability” of products locally. yes, theyre doing business but they really spoil our online market. well its up to you folks to decide carefully. its your choice

  17. ErwinBriones Reply cannot deliver products on time. They don’t follow the 10-15 days delivery period. I ordered on Sept 3 and got a message on Sept 23 that says… “We have been made aware by our shipper that some of the packages
    have been offloaded in Japan.
    Unfortunately, your items were among those that is included.
    We are sending this email to notify you of the possible delay in
    your item delivery. We are expected to get the items at
    the office by Sept 27, 2013. Once we get the items, we will
    process delivery as soon as possible.”

  18. meron akong ePaycard. pwede ko ba gamitin yun sa galleon? nagrequest na din ako ng price pero wala namang sagot from galleon. pano po kaya?

    • Jeff here at Delivery date is 10-15 days because we ship the item straight from the US. 

  19. tagal naman ng delivery dates,pick up mo n lang kung taga manila. hehehe

    •  Jeff here at Delivery date is 10-15 days because we ship the item straight from the US. 

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