BlackBerry Messenger 7 with BBM Voice Out Now

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Most BlackBerry users like the platform because of BlackBerry Messenger, a chatting feature that’s easily one of the reasons why BlackBerries became popular.  BlackBerry Messenger 7, the newest version of BlackBerry Messenger, is now out and it brings with it a major calling feature called BBM Voice, apart from other new features.

BBM Voice is a calling feature that allows BlackBerry users to call other BBM users through the BBM app, for free.  That’s right, the voice calls will be free of charge and it is available for calling users in other countries the same way international messaging using BBM is free.   To make free BBM Voice calls, both users need to be on Wi-Fi.  BBM 7 is available now in BlackBerry App World for devices running BlackBerry 6 OS and higher.  RIM says support is planned for smartphones running the BlackBerry 5 OS early next year.

Other features on BlackBerry Messenger 7 include BBM upgrade notifications where users will be notified when there are updates to download straight from within the app, BBID Synchronization where a user’s BBM profile, Groups and Contacts are linked to his or her BlackBerry ID, and 16 Additional emoticons.

Here are videos introducing BlackBerry Messenger 7 and explaining how to use BBM Voice.


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