Facebook ‘Graph Search’ Launching Soon, Now on Beta

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Facebook is working on a personalized search feature called Graph Search.  It was recently announced by Facebook but the product is still on beta testing and there is not timeline yet for the actual availability of the feature to the general public.

Graph Search is said to be a way to search all of Facebook’s content for queries specifically tailored to each user’s profile.  The beta testing starts today and you can go here if you want to be one of the testers.  Right now, Graph Search will work on four primary areas, namely, people, photos, places, and interests.  That actually covers the needs of most of users but Facebook says Graph Search will expand.  Wall posts, for instance, will be covered by Graph Search in the future.  By the way, Facebook’s Graph Search will also be showing Bing search results.

Graph Search will surely raise privacy concerns, just like any other change on Facebook does, but the Graph Search is said to be “privacy aware”, whatever that actually means.  Facebook says none of the users’ privacy settings will automatically change if they use Graph Search.

Graph Search appears to be a good feature once it rolls out to users.  Right now there is no real way of searching for your friends’ interests or activities from one convenient location.  You can find out from reading individual profiles and going through pages but that takes a lot of time and effort.  With Graph Search, there is at least a way of quickly searching information available on the social networking site.  You can search photos of your friends taken at a specific place, restaurants your friends have been to, places your friends have visited, music your friends listen to, and the list goes on.

Watch this intro video for Facebook’s Graph Search.

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