Bookmark This: Vinstavids, a Collection of the Best Vines and Instavideos

Short videos are popular nowadays, thanks mainly to the 6-second video sharing site Vine.  Instagram also features short videos but it was Vine who started the trend.  Creative minds have Vine and Instagram to thank as they now have new platforms where they can showcase their short videos.  Right now people’s opinions are divided as to which platform is better – Vine exclusively offers 6-second looping videos, while Instagram has both photos and videos, and the videos can be 15-second long, although they are non-looping.

If you’re someone like me who doesn’t want to take sides and just want to watch the best videos made on both platforms so far, you can go to one site called Vinstavids. It’s a collection of the best videos from Vine and Instagram.  The best thing about the site is it not only presents the best short videos.  Users can in fact submit videos to Vinstagram.


Vinstavids has a simple layout, presenting twelve videos at a time, but you can search and browse videos, and even access them through the different channels. Vinstagram works with smartphones and tablets as well, so you can simply point the browser to to start enjoying the best short videos around.

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