Review: NOCS NS400 Titanium In-ear Headphones

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I have to admit I haven’t heard about NOCS before this review but if the NS400 Titanium in-ear headphones is any indication of what the rest of the company’s line-up are like, I would say that NOCS is a brand that should commands a great deal of respect from consumers, even from hard-to-please audiophiles.  NOCS is a company from Sweden and it turns out, it has been in the audio accessories industry for quite some time, consistently releasing products that cater to different types of users.  The NS400 Titanium is a pair of in-ear headphones that has already been released before but has now been improved, the biggest change of which is the use of tangle-free flat cable.

NOCS NS400 Titanium – Design

The NOCS NS400 is one of the best-looking in-ear headphones around.  It exudes class and quality and this is evident from the time you take it out of its packaging.  The NS400 has an attractive appearance, the main design element being the tear-drop titanium enclosures.  Despite the material used for the housing, the overall weight of the NS400 is surprisingly light, yet it still feels solid and durable.


The NS400 comes with three sets of noise isolating silicone sleeves that feel soft and bends easily, which goes without saying that it is comfortable in the ears and does not put any strain despite long periods of use.  The cable, on the other hand, is a flat and tangle-free and made of Kevlar reinforced material.  From every indication, the cable will withstand heavy use and true to what is being claimed, it does not easily tangle.  The other good thing about the cable on the NS400 is its length.  At 1.2 meters, this set of earphones is convenient to use when you listen to music while walking on the road with your player neatly tucked in your pocket.



The NS400 is compatible with smartphones.  The three buttons that run along the cable can be used to control music and make calls.  The model I reviewed is specifically compatible with the iPhone, iPod and iPad but there is also one that is optimized for Android devices.  The NOCS NS400 has MEMS silicon microphone that removes GSM/TDMA burst noise and picks up speech 360 degrees.

NOCS NS400 Titanium – Sound


The NOCS NS400 is a fantastic sounding set of in-ear headphones.  Its dynamic speaker is said to be designed for the best possible listening experience.   This is hard to contest as tehNS400 indeed sounds great.   At its price range, the NS400 is arguably one of the best choices as it delivers balanced sound complemented by natural-sounding bass.   The highs and lows have rich amount of details and the mids are also crisp and clear.  If you are looking for a set of in-ear headphones with great sounding details throughout the entire sonic spectrum, the NOCS NS400 Titanium is definitely the ones to get.  The dynamic and powerful bass response only makes the NS400 a more attractive choice.

Wrap Up

It is not hard to recommend the NOCS NS400 Titanium, priced at P4,490 in the Philippines.  It is easily one of the best, of not the best, in-ear headphones in its price range.  NOCS may not be as known as the other big brands in the market but it is clearly up there with the most popular brands.   The NS400 is a complete package, marrying comfort and sound in an affordable package.

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