Samsung has filed a patent for a virtual keyboard implementation that is projected on to your hands. The patent may very well be for their expected wearable, the Galaxy Glass (what’s it’s commonly called at the moment).

Samsung is no stranger to wearables. Its recently announced line of Galaxy Gear smart watches are on its second iteration, and are well integrated with their Galaxy phones. With Google Glass already out there, it makes sense that they would come out with their own version, but with a twist.


As the patent images explain, the keyboard isn’t really projected on your hands. You’ll just see a digital image of the keys as it’s displayed on the device’s screen. Then it’s a matter of “typing” with your thumbs. It remains to be seen how this will work out, or if it will work at all.

Anyway, this could be cooler than I give it credit for. With Google Glass, you need to rely on your voice to perform actions. This becomes increasingly difficult if you are in a noisy area. With Samsung’s approach, you could have virtual controls when you need it, allowing increased versatility in use and function.

Only problem I see is that it would look weird when you start fiddling your fingers in public spaces while using the device (with only you knowing what’s really going on).

Via Android Headlines

Source Patent Scope WIPO


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