Start-up Trackr.PH aims to makes life easier for buyers and investors

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Philippine-based tech start-up has just opened shop. Backed by Filipino entrepreneurs, is a listing site of top rated consumer products in the Philippine such as condos, cars, franchises, and interest rates. Basically, the site provides an up-to-date price comparison matrix and at the same time assesses the price movements of each product.

With credit rating upgrades recently given to the country, the Philippines is primed for economic growth. This makes an invaluable tool for both Filipino and foreign investors, as the site becomes an information source for prices and availability of different investment vehicles.

Currently, has 6 trackers, namely Franchise ListingsCar Listings, Condominium Listings, Automobile Loans, Personal Loans, and Property Loans. The team plans to increase the number of trackers within the year, and add more features  to ensure users get more from the site.

For more information, check out Trackr PH.

Bryan is a tech enthusiast and self-admitted geek who enjoys writing about tech and watching clips on YouTube. He has over 20 years of experience in corporate communications, marketing services, and customer relations from different industries such as telecommunications and banking.

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  1. these guys are in copyright infringement… the name is copyrighted internationally. They will be legally dealt with… typical Philippines.

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