Yoga Tablet: A Doctor’s Trusted Companion On the Go

Manila, Philippines, August 2014 —Tablet adoption in medicine will quickly gain ground, with industry reports estimating that the percentage of tablet-using physicians will grow beyond 50% in just a few years in the U.S alone. The same trend can be expected in the Philippine healthcare sector, with plans already in place for the implementation of cloud-based electronic health records.


In response to this trend, Lenovo has provided mobile solutions to empower medical professionals in the Philippines. Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology specialist Dr. Darwin Uy of Metro North Medical Center is one of the few doctors equipped with the revolutionary Yoga Tablet which sports a multi-mode design, integrated Bluetooth, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and GPS, an 18-hour battery life plus an optional 3G HSPA+ connectivity. The tablet is set to assist in his day-to-day mobility and patient management requirements.

The Yoga Tablet is a mobile powerhouse with impressive features that can adapt to the dynamic lifestyle and work requirements of professionals who are always on the move. “My Yoga Tablet allows me to juggle various tasks without having to rely on multiple devices. With a battery life that lasts beyond that of conventional tablets, it serves as a personal assistant who helps me manage my daily activities round the clock, from sending emails to keeping abreast of the latest medical and industry news. It also helps to boost my day-to-day productivity level,” beams Dr. Uy. 

For the Ultra-Mobile Doctor

The powerful dual batteries packed in the Yoga Tablet’s cylindrical handle helps Dr. Uy maximize his productivity level throughout the day, allowing him to navigate through mobile apps, send e-mails and skim through various documents for hours without suffering from power outage. The portable and light Yoga Tablet fits into his bag so he can rush from one appointment to the next without worrying about bringing along extra load.

The Yoga Tablet’s multi-mode design also allows Dr. Uy to choose the type of mode that can help fulfill his day-to-day needs, faster. Its Tilt mode provides a good viewing angle, makes typing easier for him while the Hold mode enables the tablet to distribute its weight into his palm instead of his fingers, offering an efficient and effortless way to read and browse through files. With the Yoga Tablet’s Stand mode, Dr. Uy can optimize the ten-finger touchscreen when presenting and discussing medical matters to his patients and colleagues.

Most importantly, the Yoga Tablet supports applications like Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic, which provides Dr. Uy with real time updates on the best travel routes so he can avoid being late for appointments; Day by Day, which helps him keep track of patients’ schedules; Medscape, which functions as a mobile medical reference tool to keep him posted on relevant medical news and information; and UpToDate, a unique feature that allows him to search for medical references immediately without having to leave his patients.

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