Kit: Power Bank review

Kids, charge your phones and tablets before you leave the house. But in case you forget, it’s nice to have a high capacity power bank handy. Kit: Power Bank review is up.



The Kit: power bank is a shiny square-shaped block. The top and bottom plates are made of a shiny glass-like material. For a 12,000mAh battery, its small but it’s not pocketable.  It has a bit of weight to it and feels very sturdy and solid.


The top plate has an LED display that shows you know how much charge is left by pressing the power/display button. It has two (2) USB ports which allows up to two devices to charge at the same time. The right USB port (1A) can charge smartphones, while the other outputs at 2.1A and can charge tablets and iPads.


The power bank comes with a USB charging cable with 3 connectors for Mini USB, Micro USB and Apple’s 30 pin sockets.

Key Features:

  • 12,000mAh capacity
  • 2 USB ports (1A and 2.1A)
  • Charging time: up to 17 hours
  • Standby time: up to 1 year
  • Includes USB charging cable with connectors for Mini USB, Micro USB and Apple 30-pin sockets
  • Micro USB to charge
  • Dimensions: Depth: 3cm x Width: 7.5cm x Height: 7.5cm




With a capacity of 12,000mAh, I was able to charge my Moto G (which has 2070mAh battery) around 4.5 times. I would say charging speed is above average using the 1A USB port. It took an hour to fully charge my phone. I also tried using the 2.1A USB port, and charging was even faster. I got a full charge in 45 minutes or less.


You can also charge tablets and iPads using the 2.1A USB port. I was able to charge a 2012 Nexus 7 twice and the iPad Mini once. Charging is not as fast compared to a regular socket, but it gets the job done. I don’t recommend using the iPad while on the power bank though, as it drastically slows down charging.

It took roughly 17 hours to fully charge the battery 12,000mAh power bank.


If you’re in the market for a high capacity power bank, give the 12,000mAh Kit: Power Bank a look. It’s simple and straightforward design is a big plus to me, and it’s very functional too. It comes with dual USB ports, an LED display, the ability to charge tablets and iPads, and it’s small enough to fit most bag.


The 12,000 Kit: Power Bank retails for P2,990. It’s available in online in Lazada and Tack This, and in Astroplus, Egghead and iStudio boutique stores. It is distributed by Xoti Corporation, a Philippine registered corporation that distributes power banks, speakers, headphones and earphones. You can visit for more information.

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