Acme Made’s Skinny Sleeve for the iPad Mini Quick Review

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Acme Made’s Skinny Sleeve is a fully padded sleeve made from a neoprene like material the company calls StretchShell fabric. The fabric is water  and stain resistant on the outside, and has a soft lining on the inside.



  • StretchShell fabric protects with minimal bulk
  • Super-thin seam construction provides a snug and secure fit—and allows easy access even to an iPad in its Smart Cover
  • Soft interior lining protects screen from dust and scratches
  • Stylish elastic band keeps iPad in the sleeve, while adding a modern and contrasting color and texture
  • Simple and easy to use—carry by hand or tuck into a larger bag
  • cases for iPad mini are compatible with all iPad mini models 


The Skinny Sleeve is a beautiful iPad Mini sleeve. It’s minimalist look and matte color make it an ideal partner for iPad Mini owners who do not want to call attention to their device.


On the hand, the material is smooth and rubbery. It’s feels durable and it looks like it has enough to protect my iPad Mini against drops and some spills. The iPad Mini fits well inside. Its snug, but isn’t too tight or crushing.


The Skinny Sleeve is nicely made. The stitching looks great and clean, and it looks like it could survive some stretching. The elastic strap fits the length of the sleeve exactly, preventing your device from falling out. It’s stitched on the sleeve itself, and doesn’t look like its going to come off easily when pulled.
I even tried placing my trusty first gen Nexus 7 inside. There’s a bit of space, but still snug enough that if won’t fall out.
All in all, Acme Made’s Skinny Sleeve is a beautiful iPad Mini sleeve. It offers minimalist styling while providing ample protection from drops, spills and dust. It retails for P1,350, and is available in Digital Walker boutiques nationwide. It is distributed by Digits Trading. For more information about them and their products, please visit their Facebook page (

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