Remember Josie Rizal, the first Filipino Tekken character? We posted about it here. It turns out she might not have the chance to set foot in the game if the Namco Bandai is forced to change her name.

Josie-Rizal-tekken (1)

According to an article from Inquirer, Tekken creator Katsuhiro Harada tweeted last Thursday he would delete Josie Rizal from the game if the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA) would issue a statement forcing him to drop the character’s name.

Harada said that Josie was developed for the Filipino gaming community and if she does not get support from Filipinos, it is very easy for the gaming company to delete her.

“If Josie can’t get supported in the Philippines, we give her up anytime. Tekken 7 arcade board has a network update system. We can change plan and change characters anytime and quickly,” he said.

While some netizens were disappointed with the character, others think she’s a good addition to the game. Those who like her claim Josie can help highlight our country, the Filipino martial arts eskrima, and her namesake, Jose Rizal.

Deleting Josie Rizal from the game is a bit extreme in my opinion. I mean, if the character really is for Filipino gamers, then changing the name shouldn’t really be an issue. Then again, they do have the right to do whatever needs to be done for the good of the Tekken franchise.



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  1. Jeffry Balaod Bandulon Reply

    Ehu daputa kasi yang lintik na meticulous pilipino…eh hindi nanan ehh…kahit saan din namn marami kang malikitanf ganyan…

  2. Edsel Salvatierra Brandes Reply

    i want her to sound like an OFW-FOB… LOL that would be awesome..

  3. Justin Eman Surio Reply

    well you can’t please everyone.. some are really just narrow minded upon things.. not seeing the simple good things given to us.. instead of being thankful they all go nuts.. zzz this is why we don’t succeed in anything..

  4. Chester Yee Reply

    Delete nila si josie kung kaya ipadelete ng ncca ang tower naka nakakabwisit sa paningin sa luneta park

  5. KarlLanceDimituiBaluyut Reply

    dami kasing pakelamerong hindi naman siya si Jose Rizal e >:-(

  6. si Josie pinansin.. ehh ung mga politikong na ngorupt gang ngayon malaya pa din, example na lang si napoles, naka house arrest, pero panu naman ung mga normal na mamamayan na nakakulong sa bilibid? baka nga ung iba sa kanila may sakit na sa puso ehh.. si gloria, paroot parito pero hndi pinapansin.. ganyan ba talaga?? pero ung isang laro na nag papakilala sa bansa sya nyong pinapansin.. langya pala

  7. Sykes Enuj Reply

    dami kasing pakelamerong politiko at ahensya ng gobyerno d2 sa satin yung mga di dapat pakealaman pinakealaman yung mga dapat pakealaman di nila pinapakelaman pweeeehhhh bat dpakayo mawala sa mundo ng magkaroon nmn ng saysay mga buhay nyo.

  8. Raymund Dalisay Rendon Reply

    Delete na nga lang kung may issue pa. Kaya di tayo lumalago at umaasenso! Booo!

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