Quick Look: Spigen PH’s Hybrid Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6

For our Samsung Galaxy S6 aspirants, Spigen PH also has hybrid cases available once you get your device. These cases offer added reinforced bumper protection for the edges and sides. Here are quick looks at the Neo Hybrid, the Neo Hybrid EX and the Ultra Hybrid cases.

Neo Hybrid

Just like the Slim Armor and Tough Armor, the Neo Hybrid also offer two layers of protection. The difference is that the latter’s second layer protects the edges and sides with a polycarbonate bumper that envelopes the TPU interior.

Neo-Hybrid (1) Neo-Hybrid (7)

The back has a rubberized pattern for better grip. The “metalized” buttons provide tactile response and are easy to press.

Neo-Hybrid (3) Neo-Hybrid (2)

The ports are precisely cut and it has the spiderweb Shock-absorption pattern.

Neo-Hybrid (5) Neo-Hybrid (6)

Neo Hybrid EX

The Neo Hybrid EX is a bumper case composed of two layers – a TPU and a polycarbonate frame. It protects the sides, edges and corners of your Galaxy S6 without covering up the phone. The design allows a minimalist feel, offering a near nude look to your phone. It comes with a clear plastic back protector to prevent scratching it.

Neo-Hybrid-Ex (10) Neo-Hybrid-Ex (9) Neo-Hybrid-Ex (1)

The metallic buttons provide a nice accent to the bumper. The screen will be raised by 1.2mm to prevent it from scratching if you put it face down on a surface. The Galaxy S6 would be able to maintain its slim profile with this one.

Neo-Hybrid-Ex (5) Neo-Hybrid-Ex (6)

Ultra Hybrid

The Ultra Hybrid also offer a semi nude look to your Galaxy S6. It has a clear polycarbonate back panel and a TPU bumper to protect the edges. Your phone would definitely look slim with this.

Ultra-Hybrid (1)

Buttons are flushed on the side for a slimmer profile.

Ultra-Hybrid (5) Ultra-Hybrid (6)

The Air Cushion Tech courtesy of the dimple on the corners are there. Cutouts are always precise with Spigen cases.

Ultra-Hybrid (4) Ultra-Hybrid (2)

Final Thoughts

Among the three, the Neo Hybrid and Ultra Hybrid offer the most protection. The materials used on these are premium, while offering minimal increase in thickness. I am partial to the Neo Hybrid EX because it retains the look of the phone. If not for fear of scratches, cracked screens and broken phones, I’d go nude or caseless on my devices.

Price and Availability

The Neo Hybrid retails for P1,150, the Neo Hybrid EX for P1,500, and the Ultra Hybrid for P850. You could get one once you get your Samsung GalaxyS6 in all Spigen kiosks. I live in the South so the nearest kiosk is in SM BF. But they have other branches as well (here and here).

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