Buy a Lenovo Phone and Take Home a Free Bench Gift Certificate

This summer, Lenovo has promo! Every purchase of any Lenovo smartphone worth Php5,000 and above gets you a free Bench gift certificate!

Banish FoMO blues with Lenovo-1

“The style-conscious, tech-savvy and very mobile Millennials always inspire Lenovo to come up not just with impressive DO machines but also with offerings and promotions which are suited to their needs. We’re all about providing them with smartphones that combine great specs, stylish choices and innovative experiences without putting a hole in their pocket,” said Dino Romano, Philippines Country Head, Lenovo Mobile.

Perfect timing for a smartphone and style upgrade

Every purchase of any Lenovo smartphone worth Php5,000 and above entitles buyers to a free Bench gift certificate worth Php300. You can use the free Bench gift certificate at the following Bench Partner Global brands: Herbench, Superbench, Bench Body, Bench To Go, Bench Skin Expert, Human, Kasheica, Dimensione, Aldo, Call it Spring, Charles & Keith, Pedro, La Senza, Mothercare, Early Learning Centre, Patchi, The Face Shop, VDL, Cotton On, F&X, American Eagle, Celio, Vero Moda, Rubi, Typo and Factorie.

The Lenovo Summer Stylin’ Promo runs from April 17 to June 30, 2015. The promo is valid in these participating stores: Wellcom, Memo Express, Techbox, Gigahertz, Power Premium Gadgets, Power Telecom, Bluelite Gadgets Inc., PC Express, Silicon Valley, Scan & Print, Tylex, Audionet, Rulls, Cellway, Audionet, BSD International, Presnet, Greentelecom, P.L Aldana, Play Telecom, Graphic All-in-Store, BCG Digital, Wiltelcom, RC Goldline.

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  1. insomniacno1 Reply

    Be advised that Lenovo Mobile which is handling sale of Lenovo phones in the Philippines, imported by TAO Corporation and Techbox International Inc. is NOT Lenovo. They are in fact part of TAO Corporation and are not obligated to follow any of Lenovo’s guidelines or offfer same service level – and they certaintly don’t do that. They will not reply to you if you email them and later they will claim they can’t find the emails – if you should call them, you will find out that Lenovo Mobile hotline is a 1 person operation and she does not have access to the email system.
    They are as importer and distributor, allowed to use Lenovo logo and letterhead on their website and documents.
    Complaining to Lenovo(the real one) does not help, they will just refer you back to the dealer or to Lenovo in mainland China – because the warranty is not with Lenovo(the real company) it is with the dealer – and eventhough you have 1 year factory warranty which includes 14 days return(Philippine law) from Lenovo(the real one) they are not going to uphold this but leave it to the shop to sort it out.
    Why? Because they can, and nobody in the Philippines is going to stop them – there are nobody protecting the consumers rights! There are goverment agentcies you can complain to when companies don’t uphold the warranty or Philippine law, but be realistic they they are not going to file a case against a big company just because you complain.
    I’m an IT-consultant and custom PC builder, through 26 years and has seen most and experienced more, so my brother in law came to me and asked for my help finding the right phone – He is a normal worker who never had a smartphone before, so this would be his first.
    Here is our story:
    My brother in law and I, went on january 6th 2016, to Robinsson mall in Calapan, which is app. 43 km from where we live.
    After wandering around for a long time looking at Cherry Mobile, SKK and CKK phones the choice went on Lenovo, because its normally good quality(at least in europe) and in Denmark I always buy this for myself and customers(probably not anymore after this experience).
    The shop we bought at were TechBox, 2nd floor at Robinsson mall in Calapan, because they seemed ligit – the phone came with 1 year warranty and 1 week return for factory defaults. When we got home, I started setting up the phone with apps and anti-virus using my wi-fi so he should not have any extra charges. The phone worked fine.
    After just below 1 week from purchase, my brother in law saw there were a thin white line in the bottom of the LCD and brought the phone to me – I determined it to be LCD Pixel error, and immeditaly looked up who to contact in case of problems – as nothing is written on the buyers receipt – that turns out to be, so I sent them an email through their own contact form, asking for help on how to get the phone replaced with a new unit.
    After a couple of days with no reply, I used the contact form again, and again asking for help – still no reply.
    After 3 e-mails, where the last one I used my own computers email system so I would have a receipt, and still no reply from Lenovo Mobile, I called them.
    My first call to Lenovo Mobile were on january 21, here I talked to Hanna, and after explaining the problem with the LCD pixel error which she agreed were factory error, she agreed to call Techbox International Inc. on the number I provided from their webpage and ask them to get hold of the store in Calapan(Robinsson Mall), so they could have a new phone ready for us when we go there to swap it. Then after talking to them she said she would call me back friday or monday.
    She didn’t call, so on January 26 I called back and again it were Hanna who picked up the call, she had not done anything to get Techbox to swap the phone as she claimed that Techbox don’t know how to get hold of their own store in Calapan, so she had not yet feedback from Techbox.
    I told her that I want feedback from her same day, january 26, and that she should call Techbox and make sure they can swap the unit when we go there – I told her that my experience with the shops there is that they often are anoying if they don’t have specific instructions from the customer service, and sometimes they want to repair instead of replacing.
    Often they use their own service technician to repair the unit – instead of sending it to the authorized service center – and often original parts are swapped for lesser quality “made in china” parts – we didn’t want that!
    I said that this is factory default and I contacted Lenovo Mobile within the first week so the unit should be swapped for a new one – not repaired!
    She agreed to call me back, same day, after talking to Techbox.
    She did not call me back, instead I got the long anticipated email from Lenovo Mobile telling me to bring the phone to the TechBox shop we bought it so it could be sent in for Service checkup. Not to be replaced – this beacuse the 7 days of replacement had already passed! That it were their fault that the 7 days of replacement had passed, because they had not replied to me in that time frame and now “couldn’t” find the emails –  they didn’t care about this and never replied to my complaint of this.
    So we took it back to the shop, as it were the only thing to do now, there I had the pleasure of a sales lady arguing with me for 30 minutes, since she would not send the phone in for repair – I even showed her the email from Lenovo Mobile – until I demanded the manager to come and talk with me. The manager arrived just before I had been standing at the shop almost 1 hour, and we were told that they would send it in for repair and that would take between 1-3 months. Being tired of all the endless arguement, we agreed. I demanded a written reciept of handing in for repair and got it, and we left.
    This is a nightmare for my brother in law since this were his first smartphone and he has paid for it but now he has to wait 1-3 months before he can use it – shame on you Lenovo Mobile and shame on you Lenovo company for allowing this to go on!
    My experience with complaining to Lenovo about the service level, has not been that cheerful so its doubtful the service level will increase. So be advised, that you probably should avoid buying Lenovo mobile phones in the Philippines, and maybe look towards another major brand!
    Staying away from TechBox International Inc. would probably also be a good choice, as the reason they can’t get hold of their own shop or find the contact information for it, is that its not their shop – TechBox is a consortium of small businesses allowed to use the TechBox name and letterhead, they don’t directly interact with each small business out in the province.
    Another thing I found out from the Lenovo Mobile email is that, Hanna had been deceiving me all this time, as TechBox and Lenovo Mobile is part of the TAO Corporation, probably the same all together. And the reason for not replying to my first emails, I feel it to be deliberate – so they would not have to replace the phone, but instead send it to Lenovo for repair!

    They made the mistake of sending official email from Lenovo Mobile – and then in the bottom writting “the advisement of intended reader of the email” – signing this with TAO Corporation.
    I will advise people to consider skip buying Lenovo mobile phones in the Philippines, as Lenovo Mobile customer service is not very helpful if something is wrong with the phone!
    Tech blogger
    Jan Brøndum Johansson
    26 years in IT-consulting, support and custom PC building
    Worked with Packard Bell europe, Falck Computer Care, Eurocom Tele Services and Educare Philippines.

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