A recent report by HID Global, a secure identity solutions provider, has identified five key trends that will affect secure identity in a world of interconnected devices.


The Internet of Things has arrived and its gaining traction. A new generation of connected devices, appliances, cars, buildings, etc. are now equipped to collect and share data from its users. And because of this, organizations has put more focus on delivering comprehensive secure identity experiences for their users that are more flexible and adaptable.

HID Global’s 2016 trends point to a more mobile and connected experience, ongoing advancements in privacy protection and broader adoption of best practices for solution deployment. The trends include:

Trend #1: Mobilizing security will make it more pervasive and personalized, built around the convenience of ever-present mobile devices, from PCs to smartphones, tablets, and even wearables.

Trend #2: Security will move to a much greater focus on the user experience.  Old ways of authenticating will be replaced by more satisfying alternatives.

Trend #3: Secure, connected identities will fuel safety and innovation in how we work, shop, and play.

Trend #4: There will be more attention on privacy in an increasingly connected and mobile-first world. Identity will expand beyond people and their personal identity to the identity of objects and their authenticity.

Trend #5:  Security policies and best practices will become as important as technology advances. The industry will sharpen its focus on not only what to deploy, but how. Rather than focus exclusively on preventing breaches, the industry will also adopt best practices for controlling what happens afterwards, so stolen identities are useless to thieves.

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