A recent patent filing by OPPO features a new concept for foldable screen design for smartphones.

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OPPO Patent

We’ve all seen news of flexible display concepts. In fact, Lenovo, Samsung and LG showcased working prototypes that feature it. OPPO has something different in mind — instead of a flexible design, the Chinese manufacturer might go for a folding concept.

In a recent patent, OPPO has come up with a concept wherein a smartphone display’s top part folds all the way to the back. Check out the images below detailing how the patent works.

oppo patent

oppo patent

The patent concept could be an evolution of what the company has done in the past with the OPPO N1. If you recall, the N1 boasts the world’s first rotating camera. It has one primary camera that rotates to become between front and back.

Will we be seeing smartphones with foldable displays from OPPO? Maybe, maybe not. The patent does not guarantee we’ll be seeing it implemented anytime soon. Question is, are you interested in seeing and buying one?

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[Source: Google Patents; Via/Image: Android Authority]


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