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To serve its customers better, OPPO launches its online customer support page. The site features tutorials, self service tips, guides, and more.

oppo support page

OPPO Support

In a bid to improve the way they serve their customers, OPPO recently launched their online support page. The site offers various tools and guides, plus self help tips designed to make your OPPO experience easy and convenient.

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oppo support page

I’ll quickly breakdown each service for you. Most are self explanatory but we’ll take a look at each one.

Let’s start with the User Guide. The User Guide is a detailed manual on how to use and operate ColorOS, the company’s custom Android OS. It has how to’s, tips, and other instructions on how to maximize the phone.

Next is Spare Parts Price. This page shows you how much a phone’s spare part costs. Just choose an OPPO series, and then the product model. It will provide you with a list of parts that can be replaced, and its corresponding cost. This way, you’ll know how much you need to spend before going to the service center.

Warranty Status lets you check if your phone is still within warranty. Just type in the IMEI number and validation code to know the status.

In Software Updates, you are directed to page where you can download the latest available software version of your phone. It also included instructions on how to do it.

Repair Status Check is self explanatory. Again, just key in the IMEI number and validation code to know the status.

Last is the Service Center. The page will help you find the nearest one in your general location.

Well, that’s the OPPO Support page in a nutshell. Its great that OPPO is doing this for their customers. Its convenient, and it saves people time and money.

OPPO smartphone fans and owners may visit OPPO’s Support page by going to

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