Instagram rolls out new features

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You can now video chat on Instagram. Other new features include as topic channels and new camera effects.

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Instagram new features

Instagram is rolling out new features for the app, including Video Chat, topic channels in Explore, and new camera effects for Stories.

The new video chat feature is found in Instagram Direct, either with one person or a group. To start chatting, open or start a Direct message, then tap the new camera icon on the upper right hand corner. The video chat window can be minimized while you do other stuff within Instagram.

The video chat works across iOS and Android devices.

instagram new features

instagram new features

Next, the Explore section now includes Topic Channels. The new feature offers post suggestions on topics users are interested in. When you go to explore/search, you’ll see new tabs at the top. Tap one and you get posts you want to see and accounts you may want to follow.

instagram new features

And finally we have the  new camera effects. The new batch of camera effects are designed Ariana Grande, Buzzfeed, Liza Koshy, Baby Ariel and the NBA. According to Instagram, you have to follow these accounts if you want to use the effects. If you aren’t a follower, you can still use it. If you see an effect that you like, just tap to try it and add it to your camera.

The new features are now available on Android and iOS.

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