A new law recently signed by President Rodrigo Duterte allows subscribers to keep their mobile numbers when they switch to another mobile network.

The Mobile Number Portability Act was signed last February 8. Also known as the Lifetime Cellphone Number Act, the basic premise behind the new law is to promote consumer welfare as it fosters the freedom to choose and to respond to quality, price, and other relevant considerations without the consumers having to change their mobile numbers whenever they change mobile service providers or subscription plans.

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As mentioned above, this law will allow subscribers to bring their mobile numbers with them when they switch networks between Smart, Globe, TNT, Sun, and TM, free of charge.

The law also mandates the transfer or “porting” should not take more than 48 hours to process, or the telco at fault risks fines of up to PHP 1 million and a revocation of their franchise to operate.

Local telcos are given six months to comply and implement the rules and regulations of the law.

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Source: Inquirer


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