Chinese smartphone giants Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, and OPPO recently formed a partnership to build a new app platform that could potentially rival the Google Play Store.

The alliance, called Global Developers Services Alliance or GDSA, aims to make it easier for mobile app and game developers to market their products on the international market. The GDSA initially covers nine countries and regions, including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Russia.

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The chances of their app store to succeed is pretty high. According to an IDC report, the four Chinese companies account for 40.1% of global smartphone shipments with each branch having a foothold in on major markets around the world. Huawei is quite successful in Europe, while Xiaomi maintains a sizeable lead in India. Vivo and OPPO, on the other hand, are quite popular in Southeast Asia.

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The partnership is certainly a welcome one for Huawei. In recent times, the Chinese tech giant lost access to American companies which included Google when they were used as a bargaining chip for trade relations between China and the US.


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