Donate to the Philippine Red Cross using your PayMaya account

In light of the recent developments regarding the COVID-19 situation, PayMaya has enabled donations to the Philippine Red Cross.

Those who want to help in the fight can donate to the Philippine Red Cross from their PayMaya accounts directly by simply scanning the QR code below.

PayMaya Philippine Red Cross QR Code

Donations will go to much needed humanitarian services such as medical assistance and relief operations in this time of need.

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PayMaya has also equipped the PRC with PayMaya One devices so they may be able to accept card and QR donations whenever they are in the field.

You can transfer money to your PayMaya wallets though online banking via InstaPay. You can likewise send money to InstaPay-partner banks from your PayMaya account for free.

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PayMaya is a free-to-download mobile wallet app, available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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