Scrubhub is a Pornhub-backed parody site about washing hands

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Aside from not leaving your house, one of the best ways we can stay safe (and clean) is by washing our hands. And what better way to show us than by videos.

Pornhub recently unveiled the satirical site, Scrubhub, a safe-for-work (and home) parody site that advocates handwashing. The objective, according to Pornhub VP Corey Price, is to show the importance of washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water to protect against the virus.

Scrubhub features videos of regular people and Pornhub models washing their hands. They’ll also have scheduled “live shows” featuring other personalities like musicians and comedians.

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Aside from washing hands, Scrubhub has another side to it. The site will also accept donations that will go to their partner charities. They want to raise money and make a difference for those affected by COVID-19.


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