If your iOS apps crashed yesterday, here’s the reason why

If you’ve been experiencing some of your apps crashing on your iPhone or iPad, its probably Facebook’s fault.

Yesterday, there were reports of various iOS apps crashing on iPhones and iPads. Apparently, this was caused by a Facebook bug that affected apps that, in one way or the other, interacted with Facebook.

The bug wasn’t with the Facebook iOS app itself, but rather with the Facebook SDK. The crashes were triggered when an affected app attempts to interact with Facebook, such as when you use FB functions inside the app like sharing or liking, or when you log-in to apps through your Facebook account.

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The issue, which only affected iOS devices and not Androids, has since been resolved by Facebook, acknowledging the problem early.

But in case you think you’re still affected by this, there are ways to go around it. One, you can sign in to your app using a different, non-Facebook account. Or you can try The Verge‘s suggestion of using Lockdown apps.


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