Voltes V Legacy trailer drops, shows promise

GMA finally drops the teaser trailer of Voltes V Legacy, a live action remake of the popular anime of the same name.

The trailer starts with the Boazanian Empire’s Skull Ship approaching Earth and their forces laying waste to cities. Then comes the money shot of the Camp Big Falcon with the Volt Machines launching out.

Voltes V Legacy Boazanian Steve Armstrong

We then see Kenichi Go (Steve Armstrong in the Philippines) leading the Voltes team and shouting out the iconic line, “Lets volt in!”

We also get a glimpse of Voltes V and the Laser Sword, the robot’s main weapon.

You can check out the Voltes V Legacy trailer below.

YouTube video

For those not familiar, Voltes V (Chōdenji Machine Voltes V) is a mecha anime from Toei Animation and Nippon Sunrise that aired in Japan in 1977.

The anime came to the Philippines in 1978, dubbed in English with many of the characters’ names changed to English names. It quickly gained popularity.

In 1979, Voltes V was banned by then President Ferdinand Marcos due to “excessive violence” and “harmful effects on children.” However, many speculated the reason it was taken off air was because the anime showed themes of rebellion and revolution.

The live action remake is currently in production under GMA Network, directed by Mark Reyes (Encantadia, Mystified, Beautiful Justice).

Looking at the trailer, GMA’s Voltes V: Legacy shows a lot of promise. So far, the CGI is fantastic and looks polished. This is definitely one of the shows we are looking forward to watch.

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