Huawei Philippines hosts Ecosystem Partner Summit 2021

Huawei Philippines recently hosted its annual Ecosystem Partner Summit 2021, echoing the company’s theme — NEW VALUE TOGETHER, WIN TOGETHER as the Philippines continues to navigate the path to further digitalization and as more companies turn to technology for their digital transformation journey amidst the pandemic.

And to help partners, Huawei announced the latest Huawei Channel Partner strategy, policies, programs and most importantly, the latest innovative products and solutions for our partners.

Mr. Todd Liu, President of Huawei Philippines Enterprise Business said, “The Philippines was already on the road to digitalization, Huawei has successfully served dozens of government departments, top enterprises and banks. As more and more Philippine enterprises and organizations choose us (Huawei) as their digital transformation partner, as a result, our channel ecosystem is also expanding very quickly.”

Huawei Philippines Ecosystem Partner Summit 2021

Mr. Liu highlighted the achievements of partners, citing, 300 registered partners, 51 Huawei-certified service partners and 36 Huawei ICT Academies. Also as a commitment to providing the best technical support, 700 of our partners have passed Huawei exams and received certification in 2020.

In order to implement the strategy of Focus on the Core, Huawei announced a new channel policy called Optimal Channel Plan. All Customer Facing Tiers could join in the Optimal Channel Plan, including VAP, Gold, Silver and authorized partner. The Optimal Channel is not implemented as a traditional route to market role, it is a channel policy and incentive program which Huawei has long-term ambitions for.

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Mr. Kenneth Bi, Channels Sales Director, Enterprise Business Group, Huawei Philippines said, “The Optimal Channel Plan works based on the BP, we will select the partners who would like invest in the Huawei business together, and give them support. The seeded player, I call them Core of Core, we would like focus on these resources and support these few partners to develop first.”

Announced during the event are Solutions updates focusing on the Five Key Domains: Connectivity, Computing, Cloud, AI and Applications, which will create more value and synergy and support 5G roll out globally. Connectivity, computing, cloud, and AI are a lot like electricity 100 years ago, whereas industry applications are like home appliances and industrial equipment powered by electricity. Huawei believes that synergy across these five tech domains will not only bring Huawei opportunities, but more importantly, they will present opportunities for the entire sector. Huawei hopes to grow the whole pie with its partners, enabling them to reap the most benefits from the new value chain.

Huawei Philippines Ecosystem Partner Summit 2021

To support the Philippine Government’s target to increase renewable energy use, Huawei announced the availability of Huawei Smart Solar. Huawei offers a leading Smart Solar Panel called Smart PV solutions which harnesses more than 30 years of expertise in digital information technology. For solar energy users, Huawei launched an advanced solution for Commercial, Industrial and Residential customers based on the ‘Optimal Electricity Cost and Active Safety’ concept. By improving the utilization of solar power, Huawei has helped to power millions of residents and hundreds of industries globally.

Huawei will continue to innovate and lead digital transformation, leveraging on Connectivity, Computing, Cloud, AI and Applications, strengthening Channel partnerships through the Optimal Channel plan, channel partner incentives, and supporting renewable energy to empower each individual, home, and organization and win together to build a better connected world.

Culminating the event— and to encourage partners to create new value and win more together this 2021, Huawei acknowledged the exceptional Annual Performance of Partners for 2020.

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