Well, it was bound to happen. ZTE was able to boost the Axon 30’s RAM all the way up to 20GB.

The handset was announced last month, featuring an under-display camera, a Snapdragon 870 chip, a 64MP main camera, and 55W fast charging.

ZTE Axon 30 20GB RAM
ZTE Axon 30

This was achieved using ZTE’s memory fusion technology. Essentially, it uses unused storage or ROM, and converts it to virtual RAM. The tech is not not new. realme, vivo, and a couple other phone companies have the feature baked in on some of their handsets.

Previously, memory fusion can only add up to 3GB RAM. But a recent development enabled it to boost by as much as 12GB, for a total of 20GB RAM. ZTE is currently rolling out the update on the Axon 30.

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With most phones nowadays having ample storage of 128GB and more, the technology is a welcome addition as it allows a slight boost in performance with the use of software. Let’s hope other manufacturers follow suit and we start seeing some form of memory fusion on our phones.

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