vivo kicks off PUBG Turbo Cup Challenge

vivo, in collaboration with Mineski Global, kicks off the first PUBG Turbo Cup Challenge Tournament.

Happening on July 9, 2022, the tournament gathers players from Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines to battle it out in one of the biggest esports gaming tournaments.

vivo PUBG Turbo Cup Challenge

The vivo PUBG Turbo Cup Challenge will have three stages: country qualifier, country finals, and SEA finals, all executed in a Battle Royale style. These stages will consist of four games where players must explore and compete on four maps — Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, and Vikendi — in the third person perspective (TPP).

Sixty-four teams, divided into four groups from each region, will compete during the country qualifier. Four winning teams will be determined from each group in the first stage, and they will proceed to the country finals. Another four will advance to the SEA Finals, from the competing teams in the second stage. The winners of each match will be determined with the highest place and total kill points.

vivo PUBG Mobile Turbo Cup Challenge

All four countries will have their own local stream during the country and SEA finals. There will also be a virtual stage to go with the local stream where supporters and participants can keep track of the tournament.

How to join

The vivo PUBG Turbo Cup Tournament is open for active students. To join, just register through the Turbo Cup Tournament website and upload a photo of your student ID card and your student portal account profile.

Participants should also have their own PUBG mobile account and registered ID nicknames. They should register through the team registration in order to play at the main event. They can only be enrolled in one team consisting of four people.

Teams with eight points will be awarded fourth place, teams with 10 points will be awarded third place, garnering 12 points will secure the second place, and a winning 15 points will bag the first place.

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To fuel up the excitement even further, vivo will be distributing the company’s newest top-of-the-line gaming smartphone to the finalists of the PUBG Turbo Cup Challenge. It features Z-axis linear motor that guarantees a faster response and a 4D gaming vibration that will immerse gamers right into the heart of the action.

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