Malacañang declares first Philippine Space Week in August

Malacañang declares second week of August as Philippine Space Week.
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The Philippines will mark its first Space Week from August 8 to 14 this year, following a proclamation by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to promote space science and technology in the country.

Marcos issued Proclamation No. 302 on July 25, declaring the second week of August as Philippine Space Week, coinciding with the anniversary of the Philippine Space Act of 2019, which created the Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA).

The proclamation said there is a need to “promote space awareness, celebrate the significant contributions of Filipinos worldwide in the field of space science, and espouse the value, benefits, and impacts of space science and technology applications on the lives of Filipinos.”

The PhilSA, which is tasked to lead the country’s space development and utilization program, will identify the programs and activities for the annual observance, which will include public lectures, exhibits, workshops, competitions, and other events.

The proclamation also enjoined all government agencies, local government units, academic institutions, private sector, and civil society organizations to participate in and support the celebration of Philippine Space Week.

The Philippines aims to become a space-capable and space-faring nation in the next decade, with a vision of enhancing national security, fostering economic development, advancing scientific research and innovation, and preserving Filipino culture and identity through space science and technology.

The country has already launched two microsatellites, Diwata-1 and Diwata-2, and a cube satellite, Maya-1, into orbit with the help of foreign partners. It is also developing its own satellite bus platform, MULA (Multi-mission Unmanned Low Altitude), which can be used for various applications such as disaster management, agriculture, forestry, and maritime security.

PhilSA Director General Joel Joseph Marciano Jr. said the agency is also working on establishing a national spaceport, developing a space industry ecosystem, enhancing human capital development and international cooperation, and promoting space education and awareness among Filipinos.

He said the Philippine Space Week will be an opportunity to showcase the country’s achievements and aspirations in space science and technology, as well as to inspire more Filipinos to pursue careers and interests in this field.


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