realme and Petsup team up for PAWS, donate P200,000 to Philippine Animal Welfare Society

The donation aims to support PAWS's mission of protecting animal rights and well-being.

realme Philippines joined forces with local pet supplies brand Petsup to donate PHP 200,000 to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

The donation, split between cash and products, aims to support PAWS’s mission of protecting animal rights and well-being. Both realme and Petsup contributed PHP 100,000 in cash, while realme provided PHP 50,000 worth of their products, including the latest realme Note 50 smartphones. Petsup also donated PHP 50,000 worth of pet supplies.

realme petsup paws

“Usually, people say that only animals can love you unconditionally. [By] helping these animals, you’ll see in their eyes that they are not damaged goods, and they need people like you to help them support their rehabilitation,” Sharon Yap, PAWS Education Officer, said.

To create positive change, Yap adds that pet owners should practice spaying and neutering for their pets and encourage others to do so. “You can start by being responsible pet owners and having a lifetime commitment to your pets.”

Patricia Gonzales, realme Philippines’ Communications Lead, emphasized the company’s commitment to animal welfare through this collaborative initiative. “We hope our donation, especially the realme Note 50 units, will help streamline PAWS’s activities,” Gonzales said.

Using their platforms and resources, realme and Petsup have significantly impacted the lives of numerous animals and highlighted the importance of advocating for animal welfare and contributing to causes that promote compassion, empathy, and social responsibility towards animals.

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