MSI Claw gets performance boost of up to 150% with new updates

These updates are said to optimize the Claw's hardware, resulting in a more enjoyable mobile gaming experience.

The MSI Claw just received a significant performance upgrade thanks to new BIOS and GPU drivers. MSI claims these updates can deliver a performance boost of up to 150% in some games.

This translates to smoother gameplay for popular titles like “7 Days to Die,” which reportedly shows a 150% improvement. Games like “Monster Hunter World” and “Cyberpunk 2077” also benefit, with performance gains exceeding 50%.

The upgrades come courtesy of the new E1T41IMS.106 BIOS (version 106) and the GPU driver (version 5445). These updates are said to optimize the Claw’s hardware, resulting in a more enjoyable mobile gaming experience.

Consumers can now download the latest BIOS from the MSI website and the latest GPU drivers from the Intel ARC website.

Additionally, starting with BIOS 106, users can update the BIOS directly within the Windows environment without needing an additional USB flash drive or docking station. Refer to the update instructions in the BIOS file for the BIOS update methods.

MSI Claw Bios Update FPS Charts

To ensure that the new BIOS and GPU drivers deliver maximum benefits, MSI recommends using the following settings during gaming to achieve the best gaming experience:

Game-related SettingSuggested Setting
User ScenarioExtreme Performance
In-game ResolutionFHD (1920*1080)
In-game Graphic QualityLow
XeSS (Xe Super Sampling)Performance (if applicable)
FPS LimitationOFF

For more information about updates to Claw, visit MSI’s official website.

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