Greenhills Shopping Center aims to change counterfeit image by 2027

The shopping center also carries the reputation for gray market goods.

The Greenhills Shopping Center wants to shake off its reputation as a haven for counterfeit or fake goods. During a recent meeting with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL), Greenhills management outlined its plan to eliminate counterfeit sales by 2027.

This comes after years of the 16-hectare shopping complex being listed on the US piracy and counterfeit watch list alongside notorious markets like China’s Chenghai District. Counterfeit phones, electronics, perfumes, and fashion items were the main draws for budget-conscious shoppers, but concerns about safety and intellectual property infringement loom.

The US Trade Representative (USTR) pointed out the health risks of counterfeit products, which often don’t have proper quality and safety standards. They also highlighted the difficulty of enforcing intellectual property rights, due to vendors easily relocating stalls.

Greenhills, however, is actively working towards a “zero-tolerance approach” to counterfeits. Recent initiatives include educational seminars co-hosted with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), showcasing legitimate local products as alternatives.

Greenhills also implemented stricter enforcement measures. The number of stalls has been reduced, and the IPOPHL reports that nearly 300 stores selling counterfeit items have been suspended by mall management.

The shopping center, however, still carries the reputation for gray market goods. But these efforts represent a significant step towards clearing their image.

Source: Inquirer
Image: Wikimedia

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