Mukbang ban? DOH considering it after food vlogger’s death

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The Department of Health (DOH) is mulling a ban on mukbang videos following the death of a popular food content creator from complications of a stroke.

Mukbang, a Korean term combining “meokda” (eat) and “bangsong” (broadcast), features live-streamed videos of individuals consuming massive quantities of food while interacting with viewers. The DOH raised concerns about the trend’s potential health risks, particularly its association with overeating.

“Overeating is not healthy. It will lead to obesity,” said Health Secretary Teodoro Herbosa. “And obesity will lead to hypertension, heart conditions, non-communicable diseases, and even heart attacks.”

Dongz Apatan
Mukbang vlogger Dongz Apatan passed away after suffering a heart attack from consuming large amounts of fried chicken and rice. Apatan was 37 years old.

This move comes after the passing of 37-year-old mukbang vlogger Dongz Apatan (real name Manoy Apatan) on June 14. Apatan’s death followed a video showcasing him cooking and consuming a large amount of fried chicken and white rice. The Iligan City vlogger, who boasted a following of 460,000, tragically suffered a heart attack that led to a coma and ultimately, a hemorrhagic stroke.

While the exact cause of Apatan’s death remains under investigation, the DOH is determined to understand the potential link between mukbang and health issues.

If a connection is established, the department plans to pursue a ban on such content on local websites and social media platforms.

In the interim, the DOH will issue a public health warning and may implement an administrative order to discourage overeating practices.

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