Carmudi recently revealed its research results on the growth of the Philippine Car Financing sector. The company prepared the report to provide an outlook on the current and future state of car financing in the country and how it affects consumer attitudes towards credit. Unsurprisingly, it showed how much we, Filipinos, love our cars.

Online auto classfieds Carmudi conducted a survey on car buyers and dealers on consumer purchasing behavior and automotive sales. It was revealed that the e-commerce on automobiles in the Philippines is experiencing an upward trend as the economy and vehicle sales improved, along with the increase of internet penetration in the country.

Carmudi Philippines recently conducted a survey on automobile buying trends in the country to find out the willingness of Filipinos to purchase a pre-owned car online. Results show that 40 percent of the respondents are willing to make an auto purchase online, 38 percent are against buying cars online, followed by 22 percent who are not quite sure whether they should purchase a pre-owned vehicle online.