1. What i love about iphone 4s is its simple but elegant style that you can’t be seen in any other phones around. Also, from its hardware up to software, it is commendable. You will never go wrong in its applications, you can really use all of that. For me it is the admirable gadget.

  2. Botsok

    i dont think that Apple iPhone 4 is not bad after all…

    one thing that i love about this phone is that unlike
    other brands Apple was able to do one phone every year…

    they dont tend to make the customers looks stupid after
    spending 30k+ in their funds…

    unlike Major competitors such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson

    Take this as an example,
    You spend 25k+ for an N8 then after a couple of months
    E7 was released with bigger screen and QWERTY keypad…
    and a couple of months later the price drop almost half of tis
    introductory price…

  3. cool. you have a good review. I consider it in par with the likes of yugatech and techpinas. Cheers!
    I bet one day technobaboy will be one of their blogs competitor. Hehe

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