1. Carlton Diller

    There have been three separate designs of the MacBook: the original model used a combination of polycarbonate and fiberglass casing that was modeled after the iBook G4. The second type, introduced in October 2008 alongside the 15-inch MacBook Pro, used a similar unibody aluminum casing to the 15-inch Pro, and was updated and rebranded as the 13-inch MacBook Pro at the 2009 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2009.”;;’

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  2. spiderwak

    I’m torn between the UX31 and the toshiba z830. The latter has more ports so I’m more inclined to buy it. But I need it this year so it boils down to which one hits the local store the soonest 😀

  3. Really?

    Oh my goodness! Greater than $1000?! I’m quaking in my boots! Really? Am I the only person to notice that the MBA is $1300 for LOWER resolution screen and Core i5 (comparing 13.3″ models)? Nevermind the fact that if you actually want an i7 in your Air that Apple’s website runs you in a circle between their website and the Apple Online Store in a semblance of “how to keep an idiot busy for hours” without ever actually allowing you to configure the thing, see the price, or *heaven forbid* buy it. But admittedly, the ASUS is lacking the shiny glowing Apple on the cover, so it much be an inferior product.

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