1. An impressive second act, the classic Major kicks up its performance a
    few notches. Updated sound, looks and durability, as well as improved
    ergonomics, give way to a whole new level of listening. A rock-solid
    character that’s built to last, the Major II makes its presence known.

  2. yo

    Anyone knows how to clean the non-glossy white plastic?? it became too dirty and i can´t clean it with nothing, i used alcohol, dishes cleaner, glass cleaner, oven cleaner, even tryied with wd-40, but i can´t clean the stains made only by fingerprints and dust!!! . any help??

  3. travelalltheway

    I think the only good thing about it is its looks. Otherwise, its bad. I’d describe sound quality as “muddy.” Not worthy of the Marshall branding, if the Marshall brand represents sound quality over looks. Cheaper (although admittedly less cool looking) options like the Sennheiser PX-100 or Koss PortaPros sound waay better.

    • Anonymous

      P4,650. They have the Minor, which I’ll also do a review on. Although it’s not in-ear, just a specially designed buds type.   

  4. James

    Hi! Before anything else, I want to say congratulations and good job for having a very detailed review. Kudos for that.  

    Though, I have to strongly disagree to this review. Sorry. I am an Audiophile and I have both the major and the minor headphones by Marshall. Let me put it very simple, If you care about FASHION and a decent sound then get this right away, hands down. But if you care about the sound quality then best look for a different one.

    Harsh and bright. It hurts my ears sometimes. Try to listen to Titanium by David Guetta feat. Sia, you will know what i mean. 

    It gives a very clear and clean mids but its too bright as well.

    Doesn’t go very deep. With an amplifier like Fiio E11, bass can be a bit desirable. Type of bass would be punchy and not loose.

    Sound Stage:
    This is where it gets juicy, you said the Sound Stage is good but really its not. This is not a personal preference. Go to head-fi.org all members that reviewed the Major had one same thing to say about these cans, and that is that the sound stage is very poor.  Do not expect good sound stage from the Major. Why? Because its a closed back cans and its on the ear. So there really isn’t any room for sound stage.

    Comfort:People reported that can only wear the Major for 20-30 mins only. I was able to endure up to an hour. There is a remedy luckily. At night, put a pillow or something soft in between the cans. Leave it for at least 6 hours and the next morning this problem will be gone. Make sure not to stretch it too far though.Isolation:Doesn’t isolate sound very well. It will leak sound and will let outside noise get in. So if you are the type of person that likes high volumes, then expect other people to be bothered. For low volumes or mid volumes, this is not an issue.Build:I had mine sent back for warranty after 3 months. The right ear cup just suddenly stopped working. Good thing they replaced it right away within that same day. (Greenhills/V.mall/Astrovision)Value:You can get better sounding headphones for the price. A good example is the Sennheiser PX200-II , Audio Technica SJ55, AKG K518. These headphones may not look as great, but it definitely blows the Major out of the water in terms of sound quality. It will do a very good job if you will listen mainly to rock, heavy metal, acoustic, jazz, classical. But please do take note of its bright mid range. Does a poor job for R&B, hiphop, dubstep, or techno. So again, the Marshall Major is NOT an all around headphones. 

    Please do checkout 
    http://www.head-fi.org/  for a complete review. Sorry but people might be mislead by this. If you are not convinced still then better check this review from an audiophile/sound engineer:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_woi5OtZl8A 

    • Anonymous

      Hey dude, thanks for sharing this.  I welcome comments like these.  It’s healthy for the readers 🙂 I’ll just quote what I said in the wrap-up:

      “I’m not saying that the Major is the best-sounding on-ear headphones ever built.  Audiophiles and purists will most likely see inadequacies with the Major and suggest some other alternatives.  But it’s certainly no slouch and it’s definitely not mediocre.  It’s actually good, and I love that it’s able to sound good on different types of music.”

      So there you go. Like I said, it’s not the best out there. As expected, an audiophile like you sees a lot of inadequacies with the Major. And you in fact suggested alternatives like I predicted 🙂 Still, the Major has a lot going for it. Very cool design, good sounding, but with flaws of course. I was satisfied with these headphones, and for the price, I maintain that it’s a good option.

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