1. Christopher Cruz

    i read a review and it says there that the quality of this tablet is not good since its from china, is this true?

  2. Libogski

    does it have FULL ACCESS to Google Play? or does it have a stripped-down version of ICS where you can only get apps through GetJar?

  3. Maurice Mallari

    i already got my ainol aurora and it is amazing. However, I cannot download Viber and Whatsapp from the Android Market. It says that the device is not compatible. How can i install it? Do i need to have it rooted or something?

  4. KlarcC

    I received my Ainol Novo7 Aurora II this morning and I am extremely happy with it so far. The tablet is very responsive, the construction is solid and nice to hold. This is well above wht I expected for an almost unknown Chinese manufacturer (I am in Australia).

  5. Well, all I can say that this Ainol Novo7 Android tablet got my taste. The functionality was there where you can really enjoy all its features. The review have shown clearly how this tablet looks and what it can do. I really appreciated it.

  6. Very first time, I read about the Chinese electronic firm-Ainol. As per this review of Ainol Novo7 aurora tab, I must say that looks strongly built device. Such a nice presentation indeed. Hardware configuration has really built so strongly.

  7. Ahaaskf

    I’m using the Ainol Novo 7 Advanced II. Got it from Singapore for P5500 a piece for 3 units. I’m really happy on how it performs and all my android fanboy friends are amazed with the price for performance 🙂

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