AnTuTu clarifies that iOS and Android scores are not comparable

AnTuTu warns against comparing iOS and Android scores.

AnTuTu issued a statement to clarify that the scores of its iOS and Android versions are not comparable. This comes after the AnTuTu score of the iPhone 15 Pro Max was revealed, prompting comparisons across different devices on the two platforms.

AnTuTu explained that the iOS and Android versions of its app are two different software that use different test methods and algorithms. The iOS version is developed using Apple’s Metal API, a graphics framework exclusive to iOS devices, while the Android version is developed using Vulkan, an open standard for cross-platform graphics.

The iOS version also uses Swift, a programming language optimized for Apple devices, while the Android version uses Java, a widely used language for Android development.

These differences result in significant variations in the performance and efficiency of the two versions, making them incomparable. “All in all, the scoring mechanisms for the iOS version and the Android version of Antutu Benchmark are significantly different, and therefore the test results of the two versions are not directly comparable,” the company said in the statement.

“The test results of Antutu benchmark only support the comparison within the same system based on the same major version and not support cross-version or cross-platform comparison.”

AnTuTu is a benchmarking app that measures the performance of various aspects of a smartphone, such as CPU, GPU, memory, and user experience. It is widely used by users and media outlets to evaluate and compare the performance of different devices. AnTuTu also releases monthly rankings of the best-performing devices based on its app’s scores.

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