1. Mariane

    Just got this now for P6,299. The Ainol Flame costs P8,999 and I don’t really need the rear camera so this is a good buy. Plus the front camera is 2mp compared to 0.3mp of most dual-cam tablets, which is good for video chatting. I was very impressed with its screen resolution and the response time. The speakers are not that good, but for its price, I would say it’s a very good buy. Most importantly, it comes with 1 year warranty. 

  2. Pagulongjayson

    According to their site this is just an upgrade of the elf line. The price of this device is really promising but i would rather buy ainol fire. Fire is better and more economical in every aspect. Better screen(HD IPS 1280by800), Dual Cam(2mp frontcam and 5mp with flash back cam), More Internal storage(16gb), Backmetal plate(for a rigid and sturdy feel),
    5000 mAh Combining with smart power management (Stanby time with screen saver is 25 days)and many more.
    Ainol made a lot of changes to better suit the needs of their loyal customers. They have delayed the release of this product for almost 5 months now because of past problems.
    The only advantage of crystal is that it is running jelly bean. But flame will be having a jellybean update as soon as the second wave of ainol flame is released.(The first batch had a lot of incompatibility issues that is why it is delayed)

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